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What would be realistic (bounty) rewards in Skyrim? Another Skyrim Economy discussion.

Content of the article: "What would be realistic (bounty) rewards in Skyrim? Another Skyrim Economy discussion."

After 1.5 year break I installed Skyrim SE. I tried to improve my previous LE economy setup, so here it goes (only economy & needs mods listed):

Trade & Barter, CACO (incl. it's simple needs module), TRE (True Renaissance Economy) & Poverty (high removal settings, -65% to -75%), Wounds, Campfire, Frostfall, Honed Metal.

Carryweight at 115 (+1 for each stamina lvl)! Heavier ingots!

Starting speech level at 5, combat skills at 5-9, all magic at 0, others at 2-5.

Inn price only a small increase 10>15 (historically from what I could find, it wasn't expensive, so basically this is equivalent to 12 ales, or today 4-5 € per large beer ~ 50-60 €/night, seems about right to me!).

(*Assuming T&B "Buy price reduction" handles min buy price limit at the end of the calculation (I've read somewhere that the buy price is capped at1.05*Price, but this could be wrong!) , it should work nicely.)

Currently testing with: buy price -70%, fBarterMax: 5.1, fBarterMin: 4.1 and with speech at 15 I get Sell/Buy ratio ~0.136, vanilla is 0.104 and T&B medium (-50%, 6.5, 4.0) setting is0.054.

I am aiming for S/B ratio closer to 1/5 or 1/6, which I found referenced on the web.The actual sell prices are still almost the same as the medium setting!The actual buy prices are close to "medieval-ish" values and ratios (after TRE) assuming: 1 septim = 1 penny.

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With speech @ 80, haggle -30%, allure + zenithar (each -10%) and gear (-25%) I get the following S/B (my setting, medium T&B, vanilla): 0.487, 0.466, 0.907.

Bandit boss rewards at 200, giant 400, dragon 1000. (I am happy with bandit boss reward, but need to think more about giant/dragon)! Due more hardcore combat settings (Wildcat, Ult.Combat, True Armor, Simply Balanced), I do get hurt, and healing is set to -80%, so a big fight could potentially have me also spend some potions, food, bandages, etc, and possibly have me out of action for a couple of days, so bigger reward for dangerous missions are in order in my opinion.

Also, found somewhere that medieval mercenary cost was ~12-24 pence / day. So again, assuming 1 septim = 1 penny, 500 septims of default cost per mercenary should last you app 3-6 weeks, depending on the attributes of the merc. If there is a mod for such specific setup…

Also, haven't adjusted other quest rewards ….yet 🙂

Any other ideas/suggestions?


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