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What’s so special about Skyrim?

Content of the article: "What’s so special about Skyrim?"

Since it was released I always heard good stuff about Skyrim and about a year ago I bought the special edition on Steam for a few bucks. I started the game and was little disappointed on the graphics but nevertheless I gave it a chance. I played the intro and then forgot about the game for about a year. Two days ago I started the game again. Walking around, doing the main quest. But now a whole day of playtime in Skyrim and I've got two things which I absolutely hate. I've done, I think five dungeons which all looked the same. With the same old undead and same style, same loot and so on. I mean the the moment I'm on an island on Morrowind but there's the same dungeon with the same undeads. I'm happy that there are at least some cultists to give some different experience.

The second one is the way travel works. I love exploring the landscape and take everything with me. I've played a lot of Gothic before and the game encourages you to loot absolutely everything. But at this point the main quest sends me to places I would walk an hour to get there. So I used the (horse carriage?) To get to the nearest big city and walk. But if you've explored it once, you fast travel everywhere. And I mean everywhere. You can literally fast travel to the castle inside the city you can fast travel to. And then there are horses. I bought one really early into the game and it died half way to my destiny. It's a fricking horse. You should outrun those raider scums or wolfs. Also: in the German synchronised version every second male character has the same voice xD These aspects ruin this wonderful world for me. Since I'm new, I don't know what to come in the future. But I'll try to get the main quest finished but if there are only more and more of those dungeons, idk I would finish it.

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Ps. Sorry if there are some language mistakes it's early in the morning here and I went to bed late cause of Skyrim 😉


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