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What’s the economic basis of Telvanni settlements? Vvardenfell in 4E427

Vvardenfell in 4E427

With the exception of Tel Fyr all Telvanni towers featured in TES III: Morrowind are surrounded by settlements of Telvanni and commoners under their jurisdiction. Despite being ancient masters of magic the magisters still need a way to support their endeavours and their settlements' populace. What's the economic basis to do this?

  • Tel Branora: Slave operated Egg Mine, town described as a "tiny village". The egg-mine alone should easily support this place.

  • Tel Vos/Vos: Egg Mine) and potentially smart exploitation of the ashlanders. Vos is a farming settlement with a long history before Tel Vos was created few years ago. Aryon brought trading to the town, which should have a good chance to flourish thanks to being connected to the sea. Seems to be perfectly working.

  • Tel Aruhn: The slave market is supposed to be the largest one in Vvardenfell and quite profitable. Gothren being the arch magister may also benefit the town a bit by forcing people to frequent the town, supporting local business. Town described only as a "sizable village". The local trade might suffice to support the population.

  • Tel Naga/Sadrith Mora: Probably even more emphasis on the "touristic" aspect being the Telvanni "capital" in Vvardenfell, while also featuring slave trade. People are even required to pay to interact with the local business. I guess visitors can't avoid leaving a lot of coin in Sadrith Mora. Town is described as large with a lot of local business (Morrowind topic Sadrith Mora).

I suppose that these towns have a somewhat reasonably explained economic basis. But I can't recall such for the remainings tels.

  • Tel Fyr: It's just one crazed mage living there with his harem of clones. He's also extremely wealthy and doesn't need to support any kind of populace. No doubt he can simply have some fetcher bring supplied every few weeks. On the other hand: Wouldn't he need to feed the corprus victims he holds captive in his cellar?

  • Tel Mora: Craftsmanship seems to be quite good there and is mentioned when people are asked about Tel Mora and the town is also described as small, but I somehow doubt that this would suffice to keep the town supplied, especially as it isn't particularly welcoming towards male visitors and doesn't allow them to immigrate.

  • Tel Uvirith: The tower's defenses are automated, but still: What do people there live from in the middle of ashes and nowhere? The Hlaalu stronghold has its own egg mine while the redoran stronghold, uhm… lures in rich noblemen who have some means of income… with female slaves you bought/persuaded to live there.

Does anyone have more information on the economic basis of the telvanni settlements, especially Tel Fyr, Tel Mora and Tel Uvirith?

I'm primarily interested in canonical lore. If your answer can't be backed up with an ingame or otherwise canonical source, please base it on reasoning rather than pure fan fiction.


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