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Who is Jordis the Sword-Maiden?

Jordis is the Housecarl assigned to you when you not only became Thane of Haafingar by aiding the people of the Hold, by defeating Potema, by delivering Torygg's War Horn to Whiterun, but by purchasing a manor that is literally worth more gold then killing the Emperor.

Jordis seems fairly young. She has the same voice as Elisif and is called Maiden in her title. Yet, she is already a very competent and powerful warrior, and like all Housecarls, can go up to Level 50 by default. So she’s one of the best warriors in Skyrim. She is also assigned to the most expensive home in game, to a Thane who is either the literal Dragonborn, or a warrior who stopped Potema and became the Thane of one of Skyrim’s wealthiest and most powerful Holds.

Who is Jordis the Sword-Maiden? How did she get here? Was she some peasant girl whose parents were guards or legion and she followed in their footsteps, and impressed the local nobility? Was she just some Judy Hopps type of girl who really wanted to be a warrior, trained herself, and caught the Court of Solitude’s eye? Was she an adventurer and hero herself, perhaps becoming Housecarl after Torygg’s death? Is she close to Elisif? Was she herself nobility, perhaps even related to Elisif or Torygg? Was she some orphan raised her whole life to be a Housecarl? Was she just some cute guard given to you as a reward? Was she a natural prodigy given her age and skill? A handmaiden to Elisif herself?

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What about her being assigned to you? You’re the Thane of one of the most powerful Holds, and owning a luxury manor. Does Jordis being assigned to you have any significance? Even if she is strong for her age, in comparison to the Dragonborn and the man who stopped Potema, wouldn’t she be more like an apprentice if not outright squire? Is that why Elisif assigned her to you, because she knew you’d be better off with a loyal yet competent sidekick? Was she assigned to keep an eye on you?

Then again, if she’s supposed to be loyal to Solitude and Elisif, she’s not doing a good job, as she can help the Stormcloaks attack her own Hold! Ulfric, the man who killed her King and the husband of her current Jarl, and is warring against them! Is she not loyal to them, or only to you? Does she have hidden motivations? Is she star struck by the Dragonborn? She certainly strikes me as so.

There’s also the fact that Jordis, in my experience, is EXTREMELY violent and aggressive in battle. She violently murders people, insults them by saying they’re not true nords and bringing up their race. Then she goes back to being sweet around you, potentially as a doting wife and mother. What an adorable psychopath. There’s definitely a lot of character possibility here.

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Lol I know there is literally no information about her whatsoever, but I think her weird spot as the young Housecarl of Haafingar, and her possible connection to Torygg and Elisif, has a lot of fun headcannon possibilities.

What do you guys think? Who is the Sword-Maiden of Solitude?


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