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Why are eso’s orcs not green, why do eso’s goblins look humonoid? Closing the page on goblin and orc evolution once and for all. The malacath curse theory ( Orcs, goblins and rieklings are devolving)

ESO brough us 3 important things of note for this theory

– Orcs are less green and goblin like, they almost have skin as the same color as bosmer or men, it is very very pale and more close to brown or gray than ever green.

– Goblins are very, very humonoid. ( I know we had long discussions about this and how it could be just the art style that eso decided to have but hear me out on why I think we should take their pyhsical apperance more seriously )

– Rİeklings (ice goblins ) also being more humonoid, and we knew before that rieklings and goblins are related.

Please go to this page and scrolls down, look at the images of skyrim's rieklings and eso's rieklings, it is crazy how much they have devolved.

Let's get some of the major obstacles out of our way first.

It is just ESO's art style!


ESO reimaged some of the classic creatures and animals of the elder scrolls series yes, like the deadroth. But most of them can be explained in lore friendly ways depending on the creature, deadra looking differnet? they have been conjured differently or from a different plane (same explanation for immense differences between deadric armor in games), a monster or an animal looking just a bit different? magicka mutation, evolution or very small changes that dont warrant any lore investagation.

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Another proof of eso being visually lore friendly is also copy paste apperances, like the argonians, giants and the trolls. The trolls especially look soo much how they looked in skyrim. So my point is that eso definetely put effort into making their models either lore friendly or used their creative freedom within the bars of the lore.

Art style is not lore!

Yes, but you dont mean art style.

Oblivions faces are art style, the way light reflects from surfaces is art style. Not decor, armor motifs, armor designs, creature designs, weapons etc. %90 of things in tes games are visually canon, mundane things like how goats look can differ as they are not supposed to be taken too literely, but something unique like a cliffracer or a goblin is important. There is also the differences between the games due to graphical differences, but skywind proves that even if you highen up the graphical fidelity, the original design matters and is still canon.

More things on that mundane part, the more mundane and normal something is the more freedom there is for the art style of the game. Like trees, or how men's faces looked in the games, ever wonder why khajit and argonians looks very similar (except oblivion yeah that game is weird) across all games but the faces of men vary so much more so than the mer? Because their faces are just video game representations of normal human faces, same doesnt go for creatures or monsters.

But ESO is not canon!

No, it is. It is an elder scrolls game, that gave us many beatiful stories and pieces of lore. And will be used in future games.

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Dear moderators I am not trying to start any type of discussion regarding canon, this is a post about a theory, just throwind this bit out there as an answer.

Now that we established why how things look in eso is important.

But then… there are the goblins. Their propotions, posture and overall shape is very different than how we ever saw them. Now I also belive and will belive that this is because of a slight mistake done by the concept artists/leads when they were first developing the looks of the goblins. But what if there is more to it?

If we take goblin/rieklings apperance and how orcs are not green, then look into how in mainline games which take place in the future the rieklings/goblins shrunk in size and "devolved" into more beast like apperances, and orcs have become more goblin ish aswell, mainly their colors.

Remember that wrongly translated book that talked about how there was tall goblins? and how some people thought of it to be the orcs. What if they were really goblins? What if just like the progression we see from second era to the third and fourth era, those beings who have been cursed by this malacath curse (which both goblins and orcs worship) are bound to devolve in time? What if the effects of boethiah's deffecation lasts for centuries and goblins/orcs continue to devolve and devolve?

Proof so far:

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1- Tall goblins seen by topal

2- Giant goblins that existed in first era

3-Humonoid forms of rieklings and goblins, becomes more beastlike in third and fourth era

4- Orcs start to look more alike to goblins, only in color. They become green.

5- They all worship the same god, meaning that their creations are linked with each other.

6- A redguard talks about how goblins were taller in first era ( Throne Keeper Farvad's dialogue in ESO )


Goblinken such as rieklings, goblins and orcs were more humonoid and had less of their goblin traits such as being brutish, beast posture or looking green, and in time became and will become more beast like. Proof is stated above.

Thoughts? Sorry if this had been said before


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