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Why Are Modders So Insistent Upon Not Allowing Professional Help?

Content of the article: "Why Are Modders So Insistent Upon Not Allowing Professional Help?"

So I've recently emerged from a several week journey through technical hell, and it's 100% thanks to the people on this board.


I own Skyrim VR, and for a dozen perfectly valid reasons, I would like to play it with mods. Meanwhile, many people know how mods work, have great experience applying them. This is a valuable skill, because things can go wrong in a thousand ways.

So I posted online asking if I could engage someone experienced (on an hourly rate) to guide me through the mod process.

Skyrim Mods Responds

This was not some radical proposal. Most of us don't shingle our own roof, cut our own hair, perform our own surgery. We don't try to figure it out for ourselves; and we don't insist in asking other people to help us out of charity (or on their own time-frame). We engage skilled people to help us, and pay them for their time. The exchange of money for services is actually how our entire society WORKS.

But apparently not in the Skyrim mod community. Oh no. If you'd like to use some mods, and would like to hire someone on an hourly basis to help, they will LINE UP to tell you "Oh no, don't pay someone!", "Do it yourself!", "You got this!"

People like SK5555 will provide trenchant reasons for this, like "1 thing is for sure, you don’t wanna pay for someone to mod ur game." (He doesn't say why, just that it's 'for sure'.) Or LordySquire who chimes in with "Definitely dont pay anyone. I knew jack about computers and within a few weeks with research I was creating my own albeit small mods." That's great and all, LordlySquire, but I DON'T WANT TO SPEND WEEKS RESEARCHING.

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Imagine if you needed plumbing work done on your house, and so you ask someone who has that skill and they reply "You should learn it yourself! Why within a few weeks of research, I was creating my own albeit small plumbing projects." …Especially when you could see message boards FILLED with people saying "Aghgh! I just flooded my house and my sink doesn't work!"

Would that person be helping you by suggesting you endeavor to do your own plumbing? Would you think "I'M SURE GLAD I ASKED THAT GUY!" No. You wouldn't.

Reminder: If you only want to play, modding is not a skill worth learning.

Please know that this is NOT because I'm not capable of learning technical tasks. I'm a Data Scientist/Accountant by profession, and can code in a dozen languages. I know quite a bit about programming languages.

I don't want to learn modding because I can recognize a totally non-transferable skill when I see one.

Unless you are an aspiring game developer, setting up a modded Skyrim is NOT a skill that is even remotely transferable. In no way will it help you in other parts of your life whether you've learned the right modding order, the trade-offs of Vortex vs. MO2, the subtleties of Dyndolod, or are aware that sometimes when people say "SKSE" they mean "Skyrim Special Edition", and other times they mean "Skyrim Script Extender".

I also know what my time is worth. Fun fact: I'm presently writing this on an Alienware Aurora that I purchased from a $180/hr side-gig doing management consulting. When I add up the time I spent on this frustrating, fruitless Mods endeavor, I've put in at least 20 hours since I posted my request for help 27 days ago. Would it have been worth it for me to spend a few hundred for someone's assistance? You do the math. Why didn't I? Because you guys insisted that I didn't.

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In the end, I did what this Reddit advised. How did it turn out?

In the end, I did what people on this Reddit (so ill-advisedly) suggested: I undertook to learn all that I needed to know, to do it myself. I downloaded Vortex …only to have other people implore me to use Mod Organizer 2, so I uninstalled everything and restarted. Then I went through Aerowyn's three f-ing hour-long videos (which took me three times that length because I kept paysing the video to do exact step). Then I applied the fixes that he listed to his OWN videos (yes, he had corrections to his own videos). And then I looked online for OTHER people who listed fixes to Aerowynx's videos. (And bear in mind that most mods, vs SKSE, vs Dyndlod have entirely DIFFERENT skills that need to be learned, because they are installed differently.)

And in the end? I had problem and after problem. To the extent that I just reinstalled the base game. TWICE. I'm back to square one.

LordlySquire, SK5555 — did you really not see this as a high possibility? That your advice would lead me to waste hours and get nowhere? If not, allow me to direct your attention to the OCEAN of people online pleading for help with their mods, despite having followed directions as clearly as they could.

It's not like we couldn't have seen this coming, a mile away.

Anyway, thanks for nothing.


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