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Why do we not know anything about the “forgotten” emperors?

Seriously, we got the entire Septim Dynasty, AND the Reman Dynasty, but we don't have a list of emperors/empresses from the Alessian and Mede Dynasty? What? We even got a complete list of the Longhouse Dynasty, though it was a very short lived Dynasty.

Does the Empire not care enough about its rulers to document them?

Also what about the idea that there are other special Dynasties besides the Septims, Remans, and Alessians who are Dragonborn but never set on the Ruby Throne? What if the Camoran Dynasty is a Dragonborn Dynasty? Or the Kinlord Rilis Dynasty on Summerset?

Supposedly, every Nord Jarl is a descendant of Ysgramor, and lots of big Nord clans can trace their ancestry back to Ysgramor's 500 companions. So this would mean that every Jarl, or High King of Skyrim is unique in their own rights even if they do not have the Dragonborn blessing, or Dragon Blood.

I have a theory that the Stormcloak clan that originated in Atmora as some of Ysgramor's 500 companions originally had a powerful blessing from Kyne that allowed them to command the Storms, and summon blizzards, tornadoes, and hurricanes. That is why they were called Stormcloaks, but the blessing/gift got weaker each generation, that by the time of ESO they are just really good warriors, and rich Nobles, and by the time of 4E Skyrim, Ulfric is just a simple warrior rebel king. Apparently, the Stormcloaks have been involved in almost every big Skyrim war, and civil wars since the 1st Era, if we go off what Thane Mera Stormcloak in ESO says.

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Black-Briar clan may not have always been corrupt. Originally they were just a family that owned lots of mead facilities, bee farms, and wine vineyards. Perhaps generations later, they have gotten used to the wealth, that they became cushioned, spoiled, and corrupt, like Maven Black-Briar and her kids. There may have even been a Black-Briar high king or high queen before.

TES is a series where mortals can literally become gods. There is no reason not to make certain families and clans "generic" or "not unique." IRL Incest was a problem amongst various royal families including the Pharoahs of Egypt, but in TES, nobility and family power can be unique and each bloodline can have "special gifts" and "blessings" even if they are not Dragonborn necessarily. Dragon Blood is just ONE divine gift out of many others that other clans, and royal families may have.


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