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Why I decided to join the Stormcloaks in the end.

Content of the article: "Why I decided to join the Stormcloaks in the end."

I've been a wishy washy person when it came to this for 8 years. Even now i'm regretting a little because Inigo won't stop shit talking Windhelm and my house.

Still, after picking up and modding Skyrim for the fourth time after a break and playing Imperials, I just don't feel it.

There are many logical reasons why the Empire is the best choice in the longrun but I hate how impersonal and boring it is (in an already boring questline).

What truly drove the nail to the coffin for me is hearing Jarl Elisif's management skills in court, this fucking woman whose only claim is her husband? No skills and charisma? She's a damned Imperial puppet all the way.

Ulfric has his flaws, but he's an interesting af king to fight under. His speeches always get me riled up and the titles I recieve are much better. I know he's power hungry and selfish, but so am I. The guildmaster of the thieves guild and an assassin who killed the Emperor for less than the cost of a Solitude house has no right to question selfishness.

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The Nords are the Empire? Hah! This isn't Tiber Septim's empire. This is Titus Mede's Empire. A Colovian Warlord who conquered Cyrodiil by force.

I know the Empire is better for Skyrim, I know the Thalmor will have the upper hand in the next great war but this is how I see it.

An independent kingdom of Skyrim can still ally themselves with the Empire. Ulfric acknowledges the need to at least stay on neutral terms with Cyrodiil as he refuses to attack Solitude while the Emperor is visiting.

regarding racism, in a position of power and trust, the Dragonborn can convince Ulfric to aid them now that he doesn't have the war excuse. Though for now you elves will have to settle for Stormblade doing quests for you all.

and again, I know the Empire is obviously the better choice, but the Stormcloaks are the more interesting one to me.

also fuck the Thalmor. I'd rather kill a lot of them now rather than in some hypothetical future.

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