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Why is KOTN Revelation so popular?

It constantly breaks the lore and can't even get basic facts the we are told ingame right.Sir Juncan died trying to recover the boots and his body got recovered by Sir Amiel.Ingame you find his corpse in an Ayleid ruin with a letter that was written by Amiel just a day before he died.Sir Amiel only went into the ruin AFTER he had recovered the bodies of the other knights and he was alone.

The others are all dead, and I have dedicated myself to recovering their bodies and interring them in the Priory Undercroft, as is fitting for such holy warriors. Alas that they did not have the leader that they deserved.

So it's flat out lore breaking,even right at the start and some of the things that happen later in the story are far worse. Obviously a mod can never be 100% lore friendly and I'm usually fine as long as the stories are plausible and make sense but it shouldn't flat out contradict things we are told in KOTN.

Of course there's also Naomi with the silly looking bikini armor which from her writing I can only assume is the authors special fan fic self insert.

And of course the story:

The knight with the retextured Gothic 2 Paladin armor that helps us for no reason is obviously going to backstab the player with his lore breaking cheat spell that he shows us and there is nothing we can do about it even though it was obvious from the start.The Priory get's burned down and for some reason nobody even bothers to check why the knight just left the crypt with the armor and without the Divine Crusader…..and then it get's atacked but lo and behold everyone survived and they have already magically infiltrated and found his castle.

You end up time traveling to the first era……and guess what all Ayleids life under the ground.The fact that the ruins in the base game are all tombs or temples and the actual Ayleid cities were overground apparently escaped the authors notice .

Or that there was no Alyeid "Empire" but serveral city states some of which actually sided with Alessia .For some reason the Ayleids all run around with some silly looking blue armor or loincloths despite the fact that the base game makes it pretty clear that the Ayleids used the elven armor we find ingame.It shouldn't be that hard to get that detail right but it apparently was .It wouldn't be so bad if there was just some varity but there is not a single character that wears the real elven armor.They all use kopeshs as well….because of course they do.The Allessians do for some reason use bronze weapons despite the fact that Nords already came from Atmora with steel weapons hundreds of years ago during the Merethic Era and had contacts with the Nedes and even interbreed with them.

So you walk through the empty Cyrod from place A to B to find Allesia and Pelinal who looks like his armor was covered in plastic to run to place c and so on……why even bother sending the player back if it is so unfinished and boring that it feels like a chore?

So rant over I really don't get how this is one of most popular english quest mods or why some people think that it is lore friendly.


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