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Why is Wrye Bash favored over MO2?

It seems like most modding guides recommend Wrye Bash as a mod manager. Likewise, the most upvoted posts here tend to recommend it as well.

Obviously, everyone is going to use Wrye Bashed for a few things, primarily the bashed patch. But as a mod manager, I find it both confusing and less convenient than MO2. It just doesn't offer the same level of flexibility or customization.

With MO2, not only can I keep my Oblivion folder clean (though I do install OBSE mods directly there), but I get the choice of multiple profiles. This makes things extremely easy when I'm testing. More superficially, there are a variety of choices of dark themes, which sounds unimportant but can be key given the hours upon hours you will be spending in this window. Also, there's the option of seperators. Given how many mods you might be juggling, this is key to keeping everything organized.

Finally, it's just really straightforward and easy to get a full view of 99% of what will affect your game. The left-hand view shows the install order of mods and texture packs, so you can instantly tell what is overwriting what. The right-hand view shows what .esps/ .esms are active. Basically it tells the full story of everything you need to know about your modlist without you having to change tabs.

Given that it's available and exactly the same for Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, it's easy to develop a comfortable, fast workflow around modlists. My own familiarity with it let me cram about 300 mods into Morrowind in a meager few hours, because the process is identical, the interface is easy on the eyes, and the options are so conducive to staying organized.

Wrye Bash, on top of a steep learning curve (MO2 is probably the least painful component of modding), just doesn't offer the same convenience or options. I've tried using it, to little avail. It has some amazing features, and the bashed patch is truly incredible (there are so many solid options that make other mods obsolete), but since you can just run it through MO2 for any features you would want, I don't see the need to endure it for the simple task of mod management.

I do see people say over and over that it offers better archive invalidation than MO2, but isn't this obsolete anyway with SkyBSA? So how is this an advantage?

Apologies if this comes off as aggressive, as that's not the intention, but I'm sincerely confused as to why the Oblivion community favors it and either ignores MO2 or treats it as inferior, so I'm looking for some insight.


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