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Why setting TES VI in High Rock/Hammerfell would be disappointing.

Content of the article: "Why setting TES VI in High Rock/Hammerfell would be disappointing."

  1. There have already been a couple of games in both provinces: Daggerfall and Shadowkey.

  2. Leading on from my last point, setting a game in an already seen before province would shatter the hopes of many who would want to see a new, never seen before world (excluding TESO).

  3. Human provinces have been too overdone in TES. We got Skyrim last time and Cyrodiil before that. Setting a TES game in a non-human province would be an excellent creative decision to make TES VI stand out from the rest.

  4. Many fans are nostalgic of the bizarre, alien lands of Morrowind. In lore, Elven lands are said to be much more strange, alien and exotic, much like how Elves were envisioned since their inception in Tolkien's writings. Setting TES VI in an Elven land would certainly do a better job at bringing back that feeling of mystique and charm that Morrowind had more so than an overdone Human province.

  5. Beast land like Elsweyr or Argonia is also said to be quite magical and unique, so setting it in another human province would be playing it too safe.

  6. The "In My Time of Need" quest from Skyrim is simply not enough evidence to point to Hammerfell as TES VI's setting. I see this quest as nothing more than Bethesda hinting at a few provinces (one being Hammerfell) so they have freedom to set future titles in any of those provinces.

  7. The reason the Thalmor play such a huge role in Skyrim could be because Bethesda want to hint at a potential Summerset Isles or Valenwood setting. Cyrodiil being ruined from the Great War and Morrowind being covered in ash from Red Mountain is Bethesda's way of crossing both Morrowind and Cyrodiil off the list.

  8. Northern Tamriel has been done to death. Give us some Southern Tamriel content! Tamriel is more than just five countries and Solstheim!

  9. Similar landscapes in the case of High Rock. High Rock looks too similar to Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

  10. Give us a non-human perspective. If most players use the default native race, then they only get the human perspective. Humanize the Aldmeri Dominion a bit more, give us some more perspective into their motivations.

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