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Why would anyone side with the Empire in Skyrim, when they try to kill you right at the start of the game?

It was the officer who tried to kill you.

She tried to get the Dragonborn killed even though Hadvar, a far better representation for the Empire, noted that he/she wasn’t on the list.

Hell, you could even bring up this problem with him if you decide to go with him, to which Hadvar responds that it was just a dumb mistake where your character happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Not to mention, if one were to drive the Empire out of Skyrim, things are going to turn out horribly.

It’s heavily implied, in Elenwen’s journal entry about Ulfric, that the Thalmor are using the Stormcloacks as a tool to weaken the Empire, leaving it ripe for the taking once they’ve been weakened by the loss of an entire province.

It’s also implied that the Empire is regaining their strength in order to prepare for another Great War; not only do a lot of citizens (i.e. High King Torygg, Legate Rikke) of the Empire still believe in Talos, some of them still oppose or even hate the Thalmor for committing kidnappings and torture in their homelands.

“Why would anyone side with the Empire?” you ask.

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I’ve got a better question: do you really think these racist, stubborn morons are capable of fighting against an entire faction’s worth of battlemages and wizards who are capable of spells and magic that aren’t even in the game?

For Azura’s sake, they couldn’t even take Morrowind if they tried.

Tamriel needs the Empire.

Even though a lot of its citizens, officers, and royalty are huge assholes (i.e. the Battle-Borns, the Imperial captain from the beginning), they’re way fucking better than what the Aldmeri Dominion has to offer.


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