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Windhelm Crash/Load Order Help

Content of the article: "Windhelm Crash/Load Order Help"

I keep crashing whenever I enter Windhelm. I can't figure out what is causing it. Maybe its an issue with my load order.

Load Order


-Cutting Room Floor

-Diverse Skyrim

– Diverse Dragons

– Frescoes SSE

– Greybeards of Power


-Simply Darker

-Quality World Map

-Pasteral Map Markers

-Enread Banners 1k

-Enread Septims

-Enhanced Blood

-The Tools of Kagrenac(Quest Mod)

-Multiple Adoptions

-Improved Adoptions-MA edition

-Helios Project

-Dragon Blood Castle



-Wintersun/Bookcovers patch



-Ordinator/Apocalypse Patch

– Imperious

-The Parthurnax Dilemma

-Open Civil War


-Obsidian Weathers and Seasons

-True Storms


-Wet and Cold

-Realistic Water 2

-Visability Patch (RW2)

-Enchancedd Night Sky

-Run For Your Lives

-Bells of Skyrim

-Immersive Patrols


– Castle Volkihar Castle Rebuilt

-Recover Cities

-The Great Cities

-The Great City of Solitude

-Markarth Origins

-Glorious For Dawngaurd

-Dunmer Seattlements of Solstheim

-Village of the Skaal

– Thrones of Skyrim

– Civil War Checkpoints

Lamposts of Skyrim

Socengarde Concept Art

– Ralleys Wall of Kings

-Old Town Riften

-Dragon Bridge Manor

-Hirestag Estate

–Hearthfire Cellers Extension

Thriving College of Winterhold

– Redecorated College of Winterhold.

-Jorrvaskr Enhanced

-Fortified Whiterun Compatibility

-Horse Statue Whiterun

-Tamrielic Culture

-Depths of Skyrim

– Xbox Animal Overhaul

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-Sea of Spirits

-Dwemer Specters

-Kirstaag Remodeled

-The Blood Horker

– Grahl

-Bantum Guars

– Cannibal Draugr



-Dwarven Colossus

-Biraka's Draugr Overhaul

-Draugr Overhaul/Cannibal Draugr Patch

-Wolves of the North

– Light Horses

-Armonizer Armor Pack

-Morrowind Armor Compilation

-Old Kingdom Armor

– Original Sleeving >

-Sleeving/Old Kingdom Patch

– Glorious Dwarven Metal

– Cloaks and Capes

-Diverse Redguard Clothing

-Lite Guard Armor Overhaul

-NordwarUA Stormcloak Armor Standalone

-The Gifts of Akotosh

-Sword of Ancient Tongues

-Classic Morag Tong Armor Replacer

Wearable Lanterns

– Fasions of the Fourth Era

-Daedric Lord Armor

-Nord War Race Armor Replacer

-Legions of Morrowind (Armor)

– Faction Armors

-NordWar Steel Plate Replacer

-Practical Jewelry

– Red Dragon Crown

– Heavy Nord Armor 1k

-Old Kingdom Weapons

-OK Weapons/Cheat Room

-Grappling Gun

-Royal Armory

-Wolf Queens Hunger

– Shield of Solitude Replacer

-OK Weapons Patch for USSEP

-NordWar Steel Weapons Pack

-Bonemold and Chitin Weapons

-Wear Multiple Rings

-Door to Sovengarde

-Faction Armors(Disguise Mod)

-Crime Overhaul

-Immersive Speech Dialogues

-Bounty Perks

– Draw (Dueling Mod)

-Rich Merchants

– Better Roads


-Heart Breaker

-Imperial Knowlege(IK) Lore Books

-IK Decorations

-IK Beverages

-Thematic Loot

–Sovengarde Font

-XP32 Realistic Ragdoll


-Extra Carry Weight

Uncap FPS

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-Stones of Barenziah Quest Marker

-Thunder Child

-Civil War Aftermath

-Springwood Estate Player Home

-Color Patches Remover

-Quest Debugger

-Cheat Room

-Alternate Start


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