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(WIP) College of Winterhold Progression Requirements

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I haven't tested this mod with actual in full playthrough just yet although I did confirm methods I've used will work as intended(I playtested with Under Saarthal quest and AI Packages) before implementing them to the rest of the college questline.

Because of this I've labelled this mod as version 0.1. If you encounter problems with progressing through the college questline, please report as soon as possible.

Basic Description

I didn't like the college questline for good reason. Its conclusion makes the college a heap of incompetence where endorses appointment of Arch-Mage who learned only ward spell from the faculty.

While remaking the entire questline into something more convincing and epic one would be near impossible, I realized that adding some requirements for questline's progression wouldn't be.

This simple single ESL flagged plugin mod adds series of conditions for the college main questline. In order words, you have to complete certain side quests related to the college, side quests such as J'zargo's Experiments or Shalidor's Insights.

While this mod is very little in terms of actual narrative since all it does is just stalling questline progression, at least now you can't become Arch-Mage without helping the college in certain degrees.


Just pick up one plugin from downloaded files and put it in your data folder. There're six versions(Version with/without Falmer Book quest req X Version with Immersive College of Winterhold / USSEP / Vanilla compatibility).

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Plugin itself is flagged as ESL so won't eat up load order and as far as I've tested, It has zero impact upon being removed.

How It works

It just disables certain dialogues and AI Packages from firing up by adding conditions to them, blocking the college questline from being progressing without those conditions being fulfilled.

Obviously It can't and doesn't change actual dialogue lines and makes you oblivious about what to do. So I've changed quest journals and objectives to give at least minimum amount of bearing about what to do.

If you find it hard to figure out what should be done, you can read guide included in mod file.

I'm planning for a submodule which adds some notes and journals to give hints for what to do in each requirements.


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