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With crates out, I am reminded once again that crates are a dirty predatory scam that ZoS isn’t getting NEARLY enough shit for.

Every few months I need a reminder that crates are a glorified dirty scam that people are too complacent to just shrug off with "don't buy them then" which in my opinion just isn't good enough.

Here we have new mounts worth 400 "gems." (Sure, and the miniscule chance you may just gamble and win one, great. Point that out.)

I traded some gold to a guild crown seller and got 15 crates. The 5000 crowns option. I had 40 gems to start with.

By the time I was done opening them and gemming a bunch of crap I didn't want, I had 120 gems. Yes, I am aware this is basically "gambling" and I could've "won" some crap that could've been worth more. That's not the point I'm about to make. We'll get back to the "crap" in these crates in sec.

5500 crowns here in Canada currently works out to 40 bucks. Giving ZoS the benefit of the doubt, let's say 5000 (for 15 crates right now) is worth 30 bucks. I rolled mostly crap in ALL of them that amounted to 80 gems. Do you begin to see how horrifically expensive it can get to horde 400 "gems" for one of the new mounts??? Not to mention how utterly dirty and predatory the whole thing is???

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How is this not a bigger deal? Why isn't ZoS catching huge shit for this??? Remember all the other high profile grinds, predatory MTX and loot box shit other games have caught hell for? What's the deal here?

Lastly, why the hell are paid crown crates containing shit you get for free as daily login rewards? This really blows me away whenever I get crates and open them up. Daily login rewards should not be part of PAID loot box crap.

I'm almost done with my rant here, but I just wanna know how ZoS hasn't been catching huge shit for this and why people can even defend this shady, predatory crap. You can dismiss my rant by saying "just don't buy them" but that's not my point. They're in the game, they're shady as fuck and I personally think ZoS should be catching WAY more flak for this. How can you possibly disagree????


EDIT: Lemme reiterate to the sub's armchair financial advisors, I spent NO ACTUAL MONEY ON THE CRATES I HAD. I am just pointing out that they're still a dirty scam that ZoS isn't catching NEARLY enough shit for.


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