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Would you like to see them add sub-races to The Elder Scrolls 6?

I was thinking it could be a really interesting idea if they were to implement it. Once you choose which race you'd like to be it comes up with two options that have subtle differences to the appearance and racial stats (also great for those who like to roleplay). I think sticking to two per race would be best because adding all the Khajiit furstock would be too complicated gameplay-wise considering some are the size of housecats and others are the size of elephants. A few examples of racial pairs could be:

Imperials- Colovian or Nibenese. Colovians would be stockier and hardier due to Nordic blood and would look like the Imperial Legion soldiers we see in Skyrim (soldiers are majority Colovian). Italian looking with options for lighter hair and eyes (but not as light as Nords). Simpler, shorter hairstyles. Stronger warriors, especially sword and shield. Good climbers if a climbing mechanic is added. Nibenese would be dark haired and eyed with lots of elaborate tattoo and earring options and more unusual hairstyles. VERY slight influence of Akavir (East Asia) in their faces and eyes. More magical and higher speechcraft. Stronger swimmers.

Bretons- Lowlander or Highlander. (Note- all have slight ear points). Lowlanders would be the more civilised folk from the pretty towns and villages of Glenumbra and Wayrest regions and have a more southern English/French look. Nobility, Knights and Witch Covens. Great at alchemy and enchanting. The Highlanders (which includes the Reachmen) would look more like the Celtic tribes and live by neolithic structures up in the mountains. Lots of red hair, freckles, blue tattoo options, more rough scars etc. Barbarians and Druids. Strong with mysticism (if they brought it back) and destruction.

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Khajiit- Anequina or Pellitine. Anequina are the dusky, sandy coloured desert/savannah cats (Indian Thar desert) vs the exotic Pellitine jungle/Moon Sugar plantation cats (southern India). Anequina Khajiit would be better mercantile and unarmed fighters due to them being traders and travellers. Pellitine Khajiit would be more agile and stealthy.

Redguards- Crowns or Forebears. One of them would be inspired by Ancient Egypt and Persia (around Sentinel and the Alik'r) and the other would be inspired by sub-saharan Africans and the Songhai Empire (in the central grasslands).

Orcs- Orsinium Orcs or Nomadic Tribal Orcs.

Dunmer- Ashland or Great House.

Those are what I can think of right now. What do think? Feel free to flesh out these ideas or add your own for the other races. Thanks for reading!


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