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Wrye Bash threw an error at me that I cannot interpret.

Content of the article: "Wrye Bash threw an error at me that I cannot interpret." ). WIP and quite bloated, you have been warned:)

After running Wrye Bash on my list, a window pops up. The header in the window is:

>wxPython: stdout/stderr

The text in the window is:

>Traceback (most recent call last):

>File "bashguievents.pyo", line 166, in _post

>File "bashbalt.pyo", line 889, in _conversation_wrapper

>File "bashbasherpatcher_dialog.pyo", line 207, in PatchExecute

>File "bashbasherpatcher_dialog.pyo", line 306, in _save_pbash

>File "bashmod_files.pyo", line 267, in safeSave

>File "bashmod_files.pyo", line 290, in save

>File "bashrecord_groups.pyo", line 218, in dump

>File "bashrecord_groups.pyo", line 355, in getSize

>File "bashbrecmod_structs.pyo", line 456, in getSize

>File "bashbrecmod_structs.pyo", line 550, in dumpData

>File "bashbrecmod_structs.pyo", line 104, in dumpData

.File "bashbrecbasic_elements.pyo", line 567, in dumpData

>File "bashbrecmod_io.pyo", line 361, in packSub

>struct.error: argument for 's' must be a string

I've gone through all listed lines, cross referencing to the corresponding mods, but all of these are mods that I've had in my list while successfully running my Bash Patch previously, unless my tired brain missed something I guess… and it's been a month or more since I last ran the tool. It runs through the entire process, as I see the progress "Complete," but when the program makes to close it pops this window, and all I see is the in xEdit, so obviously nothing is actually saved to the plugin. This is a new one for me and I'm stumped.


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