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Someone on r/Skyrim offered to help with my terrible load order. My issue is i want to create a dark Zombie apocalypse Skyrim (not original, i know) and i attempted this but my issue is i cannot go near cities without a CTD. I thought the problem was JK's cities so i took this out. The problem persists. Any help at all would be appreciated, many thanks.

Also if you could work JK's cities in there i would be very appreciative.

From the top;

Skyrim Unofficial patch

A quality world map

Ordinator perks

Hunt NPC Skulls

28 Days and a bit later

Cheat room

Dark Forests of Skyrim

Justice – City Exteriors

Bring out your dead

Oblivion gates in cities

Oblivion gates remade

Immersive Laundry

Mihails Toxin Doctor Lab

Civil War aftermath

Interesting Roads

Hunting Crossbow

Cloaks of Skyrim

Bandolier mod

Variations: Armour and clothing

Witcher 2 style shields

Authentic medieval surcoats

Wearable lanterns


Yharnum Hunter


Dualist Longcoat

Plague Doctor Outfit

Scorpion Scimitar

Immersive Citizens

Alternative Start

New Beginnings

XP32 Max Skeleton


Dualson one

Dualson two

YY Zweihander animations

Ebony Replacer Light

Weapons on Back

Vanilla Armour replacer 1k

Beauties of Skyrim

Redesigned Females

Redesigned Males

Mihali Monsters – Zombies

Hunters not Bandits


Apachii Sky Hair Lite

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Enhanced Blood

Realistic Water two

Skyrim Graphic overhaul part two

Visible Favourited gear

True currency

Common Clothing and armour

That's everything. I'd like to add JK's cities and Inigo but with the current instabilities i can't even fast travel to cities from the cheat room, it's quite frustrating as i've played this game from day one on the 360 and love this game to bits and i've had no trouble modding before. For some reason this particular load out is giving me headaches.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated thanking you so much


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