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XBONE SSE City Outskirts Crashing

Content of the article: "XBONE SSE City Outskirts Crashing"

Hi! I have an issue with certain areas in my game. I'm currently trying to do the Lights Out quest and I cannot talk to the Argonian because whenever I enter the Solitude Docks, the game slows down and eventually crashes. This has happened outside of Whiterun, Windhelm, Riften (Which runs poorly whenever I enter The Rift) and now Solitude. Here is my Load Order:

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Beyond Skyrim – Bruma (All 4 Parts) Race Compatibility for Skyrim Dark Souls Armor Soul of Cinder Dark Souls Armor Black Knight Inigo Diverse Dragons Collection Summonable Ebony Warrior Talkative Dragons Beasts of Tamriel Immersive Patrols Deadly Bosses of Skyrim Deadly Draugr of Skyrim Deadly Daedra of Skyrim Immersive Carry Weight Spells Underwater Treasure Better Guards and Soldiers Cheese Mod Multiple Followers Framework Amazing Follower Tweaks AFT Managed Followers Boost Add-On Summon Durnehviir Playable Ebony Warrior Race Call Armies Chest: The Revolution Training Grounds XB1 Call Armies II Dremora Cheat Room Return to Skuldafn The Paarthurnax Dilemma Immersive Speechcraft Skyrim Reputation Wear Multiple Rings Ars Metallica Immersive Winterhold College NPCs Magical College of Winterhold Better Looking Khajiit Better Looking Khajiit Imperious Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim Farms of Skyrim More Crops Immersive Hold Borders Recover Cities Open Civil War Summon Dragur Lonely Manor Blackreach Epic Mushroom Home Better Gold Practice Dummies Draconic Armor-Xbox Version Necromancer Lord Armor Chaos Fiend Armory Knight of Molag Bal armor Dragonshout Tweaks Essentials Ragdoll on Knockdown Lucien Fully Voiced Follower Lampposts of Skyrim Disable Snow Grass Shiira A Female Khajiit Follower Creatures of Nirn – Khajiit Alfiq New Beginnings-Live Another Life Diverse Skyrim Guard Dialogue Overhaul Blackreach Railroad Serio's Enhanced Dragons Smildion Combat of Skyrim Dragon Combat Music Overhaul

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Hardcore Dragons Difficulty Expansion Dragonborn vs The Giants Make Restoration Great Again Faster Respawn D13 Faster Get Up Stand Up Enhanced Dragon Bridge Divine Atmosphere Dragon Aspect Overhaul Hold Riders Dominion's More Khajiit Perks from Questing Skyrim Main Menu Replacer 50 Pct More Perk Points Rich Merchants of Skyrim Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers BIG More Kill Moves and Decapitations Enemy Reinforcements Wet and Cold Astronomer's Loft Alternate Start Options for Beyond Skyrim Bruma New Game Shack More Bandit Camps Elemental Giants Bards Leap Obstacle Course Throat of the World Obstacle Course Relationship Dialogue Overhaul Improved Bandits Complete Bandit Overhaul Crab Ramsay JK's Dragonsreach JK's The Bannered Mare JK's Warmaidens JK's Belethor's General Goods JK's Drunken Huntsman JK's Arcadia's Cauldron Endgame Armour and Weapons Khajiit Follower Ahnassi Khajiit Speak Complete Dialogue Overhaul A Quality World Map

Immortal Dragonborn Better Animals Ordinator Perks of Skyrim Civil War Patrols Call Armies IV City Guards Jorrvaskr Enhanced Diverse Creatures and Bosses Summonable Giant The Wild Hunt by Flackjacks17 Civil War Aftermath More Tavern Idles Marriage Voice Types Plus Skyrim Fur Colors Khajiit Will Follow Ugh Mods Manager Cap SarcasticDragon's Snarky Loading Screens Draco's Free Camera Movement Northern Encounters Dragon Damage Enchantment Arena An Encounter Zone Overhaul Mihail Dragur Cavalry No Draugr Disarm Imperious Races of Skyrim World Encounters Overhaul Deadly Bandits of Skyrim Female Sitting Animation Replacer Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim Dynamic Camera Splendor Dragon Variants IA92'S Enchanting Without Restrictions Destruction Damage Enchantment Replace Magicka Enchant Realistic Conversations Genuinely Intelligent Soul Traps IA92's Better Skyrim Performance Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul Alternate Start Live Another Life

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Note: I have heard that Immersive Citizens has caused some problems for others before, but I've tested it. Disabling Immersive Citizens and entering the docks will still result in a crash, therefore I'm confident that Immersive Citizens is not part of the problem.


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