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[XBOX] NPCs Too Tall

UPDATE: This was caused by a recent update to Beauty of Skyrim. Leaving my post up in case it helps someone else.

Hi! I'm relatively new to modding and I'm having an issue with NPCs being too tall—specifically, the Imperial Captain and the priestess in the opening cutscene are twice as tall as they should be. I'm disabling mods one at a time to see if I can isolate the issue, but I'm hoping maybe someone more experienced has seen this issue and knows what's going on, if it's a problem with my load order or something else. Load order below. Thank you!




Cutting Room Floor

Font Replacer – Enderal

60 FPS Menus – Natural Interface

SkyHUD – Dissonance Preset

A Quality World Map – Vivid with Stone Roads

Realistic Waterfall Sounds

Realistic Impacts

Fashions of the Fourth Era

Cloaks of Skyrim

Shoulderpacks by Foxnne

Skyrim Outfitters: AiO Collection

Practical Armors

Kozakowy's 1760 Black Stays Costume

Ciri's Outfit UNP

Ciri's Outfit Recolor UNP

Wearable Lanterns

Velvet Robes and Cloaks

Exquisite Clothing

(Lite) Guard Armor Overhaul

Improved Closedfaced Helmets

Black Leather Sheath

Belt-Fastened Quivers

Smeltdown Update

Bards Reborn: Student of Song

Bards Reborn & USSEP Patch

Mysticism – A Magic Overhaul

Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim

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Mysticism-Ordinator Patch

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Apocalypse-Ordinator Compatibility Patch

Summermyst – Enchantments of Skyrim

LGBT+ Perks — (Bisexual)

Better Spell Learning

Better Spell Learning – Apocalypse Compatibility Patch

Better Pelt Prices

Perk Points and More Gold for Bounties

20pct More Perk Points

50pct More Perk Points

Perk Points at Skill Levels 50 75 and 100

Dragon Souls to Perk Points

Dragon Souls to Attributes

Dynamic Display Settings

Horse Camera Tweak

Unread Books Glow SSE

Surreal Lighting

Far Better Sun

Northern Saga Weathers and Seasons

The Beauty of Skyrim

Divine Skins and Bodies for Men and Women

HD Dust and Snowflakes

Skyrim is Windy

Enhanced Lights and FX

Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

ELFX – Hardcore

Immersive Citizens – ELFX Hardcore Patch

Argonian Hatchlings

Khajiit Caravan Kittens


Convenient Horses

Immersive Stables

Craft Everything

Master of Destruction

Skyrim Reputation

Dualsun Animation Replacer (One Handed)

5poiler Animation Overhaul

Refined Movement

Super Simple Bathing

Character Behaviors Enhanced

Dovahkiin Can Relax

Talkative Dragons

True Dragon Born – Heavy

Convenient Spells and Shouts

IA92's Enchanting Without Restrictions

Wear Multiple Rings

Skyland All-In-One

Skyland AIO Patch

Immersive Hold Borders

Hot Springs of Skyrim

Timber Springs

Soap Barrel

Whiterun Public Bathhouse

Northern Bath Houses

Hrothgar Sanctum

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Springwood Estate Player Home

Breezehome by Lupus

Improved College Entry

Magical College of Winterhold

Magical College of Winterhold-ELFX Patch

Mystic Condenser

The Paarthurnax Dilemma

Capable Housecarls

Lydia Reborn-Character Overhaul


Shirley – A Skyrim Follower Mod

Placeable Statics

ANA's Interior Editor New Edition

GET Immersive Cheats

GET Immersive Merchant Cheats

Grass Field by tamu75

Color patches remover

Realistic Water Two SE

Realistic Conversations

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul


More Tavern Idles

Stones of Barenziah DROPPABLE with map


Project Immersion

More Gifts for Children

Underwhelming Multiple Followers

UMF-USSEP Compatibility Patch

UMF-RDP Compatibility Patch

Hearthfire multiple adoptions

Improved Adoptions – Multiple Adoptions

FPS and Killmove Improver


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