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XBoX One A mod that leads random NPC´s to the player´s location to either challenge to a battle or buy items.

Content of the article: "XBoX One A mod that leads random NPC´s to the player´s location to either challenge to a battle or buy items."

As time goes on with many playthroughs, most often than not, I end up becoming OP near the late game and at that point I itch for a challenge, no matter how low level the challenger is.

Also, sometimes (and I know plenty of players do this) I play as a vendor or merchant, but it´s kind of awkward to basically beg for other people or vendors to buy from me instead of them coming to my camp or shop in search for items. Storefront is an option, but it doesn´t work for travelling merchants or non-vanilla locations where the spouse can live AFAIK.

What I suggest/request is a mod that leads random NPCs like mercenaries, traveler merchants and other challengers or even curious townsfolk towards the player every now and then.

I´m no modder, but what I essentially had in mind two sets of mechanics. One in which challengers would track the player down like Hired Thugs, the magic duel challenger, soldier bandits, Vampire Hunters with Better Vampires do, but giving more variety to spawns and initiate combat.

In the second one, customers also track the player, but instead of attacking they prompt conversation and have the option to buy or sell in the same vein as most inn keepers or workers do when the player sits on their stools, only with modified or silent dialogue of course.

I believe there are mods like this for PC, but I figure they're heavily customizable and thus require SKSE. I suggest an alternative for console users that has less customization and more randomness of encounter essentially using vanilla interactions and events. Of course, if there could be options to set rates of encounter that would be great, but I'm just asking within the realm of possibility lol. One thing that would be the core and main difference with normal NPCs and Hired Thugs would be that these ones would literally track down the player and even go inside cells to interact.

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Looking forward for something like to become a reality, thanks!


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