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Xbox SE Help pls load order

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hey peeps, first of all i want to apologize for my bad English is not my main language. but i really could use some help im not an expert with mods but i try to do as much research as i can i have follow a guide on xbox load order and im reading the description of the mods cuz as you al know some of them require different order by the mod arthor. i really love this game and the amazing mods people bring out. my game keep crashing and i often i have sound delay, so i hope i could get some help i apologize in advance if im posting something wrong or not supposed to post here i have read the rules as good as i can but like i said my English is not so good so i might have misread something so if i did im sorry. this is my mods load order





dragon attack main menu replacer

TES legends – loading screens

oblivian like loading screens ( tes legends and this mod go together )

the Paarthurnax dilemma

i want better arrows

hunting grounds outfit

kynreeve armor a deadric set

bandolier bags and pouches

witch king armory

grappling Gun

free player home heathfire

free crafting

unplayable faction armors overhaul ( the reason ive put it with crafting is becaus you cant craft al the armor to that was the idea)

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wear multiple rings

Sacrosanct vampires of Skyrim

wintersun faiths of Skyrim

50 pct more perk points

ordinator perks of skyrim

apocalypse magic of skyrim

apocalypse- ordinator compatibility

forstworn skinchangers ( lets some fornsworns turn into werebeast )

SET for underworld-companions ( for those who dont know this mod it basically turns some of the silverhand bosses from the companions story line into vampire and lets some of the companions turn into werewolfs when there health drops below 50% )

civil wat armors overhaul

guards armor replacer

cloaks and capes

immersive patrols

bloodmatron ( harkons sword from the dawnguard dlc replacer the swords gets new stats new look and enchantment )

chapter 2 jeremy souls inspired music

obsidian weathers and seasons

dualsun animation replacer ( idle only )

mofumofu Combat animation ( combat only)

dovakhiin can relax ( this lets you lean on walls sit on the ground or edge of a cliff )

pandorable serana ( serana replacer)

vampire lord retexture

king ports grimoas vampire lord ( wings retexture )

king port grimoas vanilla lord

king ports bigger vampire wings ( wings or now even bigger )

king ports patch for grimoas ( need all the above vampire from king ports to work together with the patch

king port elduiin dawnbreaker ( dawnbreaker mesh and retexture )

leviathan axe retexture

rally's werewolf totems ( retaxture )

remiros acient falmer armor retexture

dark brotherhood shrouded armor redesign

Divine embers hd

enhanced blood texture

shadow werewolf ( retexture

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shadowmere replacer

high poly project

amazing followers tweak s

immersive movement

hearthfire multiple adoptions

hearthfire multiple adoptions last name

imperious races of Skyrim

growl werebeast of Skyrim

definitive beauty pack

definitive beauty pack male

beauties of skyrim

RS children overhaul


hirsute beards

the witcher 3 eyes

beast hair horn and beard ( for beast races only )

cheat Room

castle vokkihar redux

beast master helmet ( added via chest in de world)

leviathan axe ( ads a few new smitting areas witch you can travel vis Portal to one another)

carriage stops of Skyrim

epic crabs lawbringer ( lets you take over some of the uuhm yea how do i say this outdoor bandits camps and then you can chose to let either one of the holds capture it or the empire stormcloacks or forsworn if you sided with them and then they wil guard that place )

the great city of solitude

the autumn of whiterun

JK riverwood

the great cities


Double fangs ( add new scroll to riverwood traider to conjure 2 armored deathhounds

truly absorb dragon souls

werewolf hunger

night of the wolf become a werewolf lord

asherz misa amane follower



realistic water two

skyland all in one

alternate start live another life

relationship Dialogue Overhaul

realistic conversation

XP32 maximum skeleton + realistic ragdoll forces


so these are my mods and the way i have my load order if you guys have any questions about a mod that you might not know or what it do please let me know and i will try to tel you what it is and does. thanks in advance! now lets hope ive posted this in the right place

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