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Zenithar, one of the less well known Divines. I have a theory that might explain why he does not get much “showcase” and praise in the games and mostly just gets mild lip service.

Zenithar, one of the Nine Divines. To the Bosmer he is known Z'en, to others Xen. Apparently, the Kothringi also called him by Z'en and they got him from Akaviri foreigners, because he is worshipped in Akavir as well. To the Nords he is known as Tsun. But despite all these names, aspects, interpretations, and his role as a "warrior god" and god of merchants, labor, and agriculture, he is not talked about very much like the other Divines. I have a theory as to why Zenithar is not spoken of much.

Each of the Nine Divines is based off of the Greek gods, and Roman gods of the real world. If Akatosh is Jupiter/Zeus, could Zenithar actually be Cronus/Saturn?

Cronus as you know was overthrown by his son Zeus. Fearing that one of his children would overthrow him like how he did Uranus, he proceeded to eat his own children birthed by Gaia.

Meanwhile the Roman god Saturn was the god of Agriculture. And is often syncretized with the Semitic god Baal. Who demanded child sacrifice in exchange for a good harvest.

If Zenithar is the god of agriculture, that must mean he is charged of bring rain to the crops, and fertilizing the crops. If he is indeed based off of Saturn/Cronus/Baal, this could mean that part of his worship actually demands child sacrifice. So many Colovians, and westerners don't like him as much as the other Divines.

Think about it, if Zenithar is demanding child sacrifice, with him being an Aedra/Divine on top of that, he cannot be treated like a Daedra, because he is not a Daedra, so no Holy Orders are allowed to legally persecute him, or hunt his followers down. Fear that it will also lead to Crop Failure, and therefore Famine, and Tamriel wide hunger could also be factors that prevent him from getting persecuted like a Daedra, or like Lorkhan followers, Trinimac followers, Dibella followers, or Talos followers in the 4E by the Thalmor.

Think about it, if your god demands child sacrifice in exchange for good fertile agricultural harvests, and laborers, nobody in their right mind would want to praise Zenithar openly. Especially parents who gave him their kids.

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Farming in Tamriel is hard, especially in places like Skyrim, Valenwood, Black Marsh, and Morrowind. Now Morrowind on the other hand for a very long time relied on Argonian, and Khajiit slaves belonging to House Dres, and paid no lip service or religious service to Zenithar. Summerset relies on goblin slaves, cheap labor, immigrants from mainland Tamriel, and the occasional summoned Atronach, or daedra. Farming in Skyrim is so hard in the permafrost, that anyone who does it successfully becomes rich, like Nazeem, the Battle-Borns, Rorikstead, Hlaalu farm in Eastmarch, Snow Shod farm in the Rift, etc. Why are the farmers so rich? Because the Skyrim soil is permafrost, especially in Whiterun Hold (it is a Tundra, looks like Greenland). Good luck getting anything to grow in that crap. Riften having a more Autumn like climate year round, probably has more of a "Cold Mornings, Hot Boiling Afternoons, Cold Evening/Night" type climate, causing crop failure if a night time, or morning time Frost occurs. The Hlaalu Farm is a Dunmer farm. Since the Dres are typically farmers, but this is a Hlaalu Farm, I find it very interesting, because the Hlaalu are not known for farming even in Morrowind, let alone outside Morrowind in one of the most inhospitable provinces for farming in Tamriel. I suspect, their worship of the Reclamations/New Temple might have something to do with their success, but we see nothing about this in game. I doubt they serve Zenithar though.

Since the Dres have given up slavery, their farm work has gotten harder. Then take into consideration of Red Year, and Argonian Invasion. Lots of their farms got destroyed. They now need to rely on cheap labor, unless they brought back slavery. In Black Marsh, the soil is not fit for farming, the Archein Tribe went bankrupt during the Septim Empire, because Imperials, and House Dres Dunmer tried immigrating, and building farms in Shadowfen, Thornmarsh, and area around Gideon. The farms failed, and then the Archein Tribe went bankrupt. The Archeins are the tribe responsible for selling their fellow Saxheel into Dres slavery.

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So as you can see, farming is hard. But Zenithar allows for fertile Harvests. The Argonian natives do not serve Zenithar. Therefore, it was difficult to build successful farms in Black Marsh. The Dres do not serve Zenithar, and had to rely on SLAVERY to make their farms successful.

I think a lot of the human nations that do farming in Tamriel who serve Zenithar have to give up their Firstborn to Zenithar to make their farms successful. Hence why nobody openly praises Zenithar like they do Arkay, Akatosh, Talos, Mara, Stendarr, or Dibella. (Julianos is also rarely spoken of, but I plan to do another thread about him). And if anyone dares criticize or attack Zenithar like they would a Daedric Prince, they are put under a Divine Curse that causes them to get unemployed, can't hold a job, Crop Failure, or Labor shortages, or bankruptcy, because he is the god of merchants and mercantile as well.

In the ancient Middle East, the child sacrifice to Baal/Cronus/Saturn was believed to make him "aroused" so he would "jerk off" and the rain that was sent to water the crops was actually his semen. No joke, that is literally what they believed. In the Old Testament Bible, Baal comes up as an antagonistic god multiple times to Yahweh. God was so opposed to child sacrifice that he demanded the genocide of people who sacrificed their babies to Baal. At one time this caused a drought and severe crop failure, hunger/famine too during the time of Prophet Elijah who recently caused the death of 200 Prophets/Priests of Baal.

If something similar were to happen in the TES series, the people of Tamriel would reap what they sow. Thus making it damn near impossible to object, or challenge the doctrine of the Divine of Agriculture, Commerce, and Labor. Plus, objectors could get executed for Blasphemy or Heresy. "No, they wouldn't because the Empire is secular, and has freedom of religion." That's the Septim Empire. Not the Reman, or Alessian ones. Under the Alessian Empire, only the Divines were allowed to be worshiped. No Daedra, or even other Aedra that were not part of the Imperial Pantheon except Shezarr/Lorkhan. Under Reman, any of the Aedra could be worshiped, but still no Daedra. We saw what happened when the Longhouse Emperors legalized it. Varen Aqualirious overthrow Leovic, and tried to become a Dragonborn Emperor and it caused the Soulburst/Planemeld. This all started from legalization of Daedra worship. Varen was a religious old timer with a Boomer mindset even as a young warrior duke. After he caused the Soulburst, he literally got transformed into a Boomer, so now his body matches his conservative religious Boomer mindset of "Divine Crusade! Deus Veut!"

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But even in the 4E Skyrim or 3E Septim Empire. Attacking the Temple of Zenithar for "Child Sacrifice" will just cause the Knights of Iron (from Daggerfall) to hunt you down like religious FBI or ATF raid. The religious temples in TES seem to have a lot of power to hunt down heretics, blasphemers, and rival god followers.

Why does Zenithar demand human child sacrifice for better agricultural harvests? Hmm, could it be because he is actually TRINIMAC? An Aldmeri god who HATES humanity?

The Nordic aspect of Zenithar, Tsun is not like Trinimac at all, and likely wouldn't support child sacrifice. But if we tie Zenithar in to Trinimac, a god who hates humanity, it suddenly makes a lot more sense.


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