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Because I’m literally desperate for more activities for kids and families, I made this extremely long list and it only took half an hour

First and foremost let me say, I love Sims 4 and I only want the best for this game. I'm sure others have made their own lists like this but I thought I would make my own with things I would love to see!

I saw that this new pack is going to include yet another activity table and that just got me thinking about more things for kids to do that we don't have that aren't just another activity table or dollhouse.

This was keeping me up at night lol and I started it just for fun to see how many things I could think of but then I thought about it some more and I feel like I could see most of these things in the game in a perfect world. This is very long (about 8 pages when I typed it all out on my phone) so if you're a family player like me I hope you'll bear it out with me.

also keep in mind I typed this all out at 5am when I couldn't sleep so if it doesn't make sense in some bits and I'm so sorry it's so long haha

the ages that I think work best for each thing are next to the names!

Hopscotch (kids to elders)

  • A buyable/placeable hopscotch square (recolorable for different layouts similar to one of the chalk rugs that was from city living I think) that kids can hop around in and ya-elders if they have the childish trait

Jump rope (kids to elders)

  • Buyable jump rope 3 kids can use together (ya-elder if childish) or 1 kid can use on their own (ya-elder if childish)

Drawing chalk (all ages)

  • Buyable bucket of chalk that allows a sim to draw on the ground, the chalk wears off after a couple of days or can be washed off
  • All ages can draw, parents can draw with their kids or ya-elder alone if childish
  • Increases social if multiple sims draw together

Tricycles (toddlers)

  • Buyable tricycle for toddlers that when placed down allows them to peddle around similar to wandering around, works if toddlers have level 3 of motor skill or higher

Teaching kids to ride a bike (self-explanatory)

Portable Sketchbook/craftpad (all ages)

  • Buyable sketchbook that can be stored in inventory anyone can use if placed at a table with a chair, similar to how journals work
  • Pictures can be taken out when the book is in an inventory

Arcade machines (kids to elders)

we already have one from get together I think it was but that one is massive and these would be much smaller

  • Buyable single tile or double tile machines that can be played by 1-4 sims
  • Anyone can use alone or challenge others to a game
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Indoor basketball (all ages)

  • Anyone can play, toddlers by having an older sim pick them up then throwing a ball

Air hockey (kids to elders)

Box of dress-up clothes (toddlers to kids)

  • Portable box filled with costumes (like the ones from spooky stuff)
  • Kids and toddlers can use to play dress-up together
  • Kids will wear costumes until using the box to change out of them

Legos or something similar (all ages)

  • Small portable box any sim can use to build small structures or objects and play with
  • Built toys can be deconstructed and out back into the box
  • Parents can build with children or ya-elder on their own if childish

Outdoor dollhouse/wooden playset with swings and slides (all ages)

  • Like those big outdoor plastic dollhouses or bigger wooden playstructures
  • Toddlers can play in the dollhouses or climb the stairs to slide down the slide
  • Kids can slide, swing on the swings or also play in the dollhouse alone or with a toddler
  • Ya-elder can swing on the swings (with a chance for breaking it), slide down the slide or play make believe with a kid

Tree house (kids)

Trampolines (kids to elders)

  • Small and big versions with or without nets
  • Kids can jump around on trampoline to increase fun and motor skill or lay on trampoline to increase mental
  • Ya-elder can also jump around and attempt to do tricks (with a chance of failing) to increase fun and fitness skill, or gaze at the stars on trampoline if placed outside
  • Chance of death if falling wrong for elder sims?

Sandbox (toddlers to kids)

you can kind of make your own sandbox so this isn't a crucial thing but having a real one would be nice

  • Kids and toddlers can play together or alone

Playing in sprinklers (all ages)

Would go well with the slip n slide we have

  • Kids and toddlers can both play around in their swimsuits
  • Ya-elder can run through nude?

Letting kids walk dogs

  • I just want my kids to be able to walk their dogs dang it!

Portable roller skates (kids to elders)

  • Buyable portable roller skates that can be stored in the inventory
  • Sims can wear to practice and eventually get better (with a chance of falling)

Skateboards (kids to elders)

  • Portable skateboards can be store in inventory
  • Similar to rollerskates as you practice and eventually get better at it (with a chance for falling)
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Puzzles (all ages)

I think this would be so cute!

  • Portable box of puzzle pieces that can be placed at any table with a chair
  • Toddlers can do toddler puzzles with less/bigger pieces
  • Older sims can do more complicated puzzles with more pieces
  • More than 2 sims can work on the same puzzle and parents can help kids
  • (There's a chance for losing puzzle pieces)

Tea parties (all ages)

  • Like the games table but comes with a fake teapot and teacups
  • Sim parents can play make believe with toddlers and kids or kids can play just by themselves

Couch cushion forts or bed sheet forts (all ages) can you imagine how cute this would be

  • Kids can build their own forts or ask parents for help to build better quality forts
  • Siblings or other sims can destroy forts
  • Toddlers and kids can play alone or together in the fort
  • Forts can be dismantled or left up
  • If upset sims can hide/cry inside the fort
  • (There's a chance for fort falling apart naturally)

Kids can paint their nails with nail polish bottles

  • Buyable nail polish bottles kids can use on themselves or a sibling

Kids can do silly makeup with moms makeup

  • Buyable makeup palettes kids can use on themselves or on a sibling

Fake store/restaurant dollhouse (toddlers to kids)

  • Almost like a dollhouse but with store/restaurant like items instead like a cash register or cooking utensils
  • Toddlers and kids can play together or alone

Car race tracks (all ages)

  • Buyable race track pieces sims can construct into a small or large mini car racetrack
  • Toddlers and kids can play together or one
  • Siblings or other sims can destroy race track
  • Ya-elders can also race cars

Karaoke for kids

  • Small karaoke machine (like a cd player?) Kids can use alone or with another child or parent

Photo albums

not sure how this one would work exactly but I still think it would be neat

  • Portable small books that can store pictures and be put in inventory
  • Kids to elders sims can look through the album like a book
  • Parents can show to kids

and now some extra things to do with babies because frankly we got robbed with how babies are just objects that cry

Baby bouncers

  • Like a little chair for a baby!
  • Portable walkers parents can put in their inventory and place a baby (toddler?) in

Baby mat

  • Portable mat basically like a rug with baby toys on it that parents can put a baby on
  • Parents can play with the baby while they're on it or the baby can play by themselves
  • Baby can lay on their stomach or back while on it
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Baby pens

  • Either for babies or toddlers
  • Big enough for a couple of toddlers
  • For babies, parents can place a baby inside, and basically works like a portable crib, baby can fall asleep or play with a toy if there is one
  • For toddlers, it can be placed on the ground and toddlers can't get out unless picked up by a parent
  • Toddlers can play inside if they have toys
  • Parents can open the gate for toddlers

Baby gate

  • Can be placed at the top of stairs to keep toddlers from going downstairs
  • Parents can go through the gate or open it for toddlers

Changing tables

  • Like a wardrobe but slightly smaller and with a mat on top
  • Parents can put the baby on it to change their diaper
  • (Toddlers too before they know the potty skill?)

Rocking baby in a rocking chair

I was actually a little shocked we didn't get this ability when we got rocking chairs tbh, it would have been the perfect opportunity

  • If a rocking chair is in the house then parents can pick up baby or toddler and rock them to sleep in the rocking chair

I was going to include which things increase fun and certain skills but I think you guys get the picture and this was already so long ah

Anyway! If you made it all this way then let me know what you think! This game is near and dear to my heart and I just wish we had more things for kids and families to do together besides all the dollhouses and activity tables


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