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Bi-Weekly Build Challenge, Week 100: Legacy Properties; 100 Years in the Making!

Content of the article: "Bi-Weekly Build Challenge, Week 100: Legacy Properties; 100 Years in the Making!"

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Week 98: It's a boat? It's a house? It's a houseboat!

πŸ₯‡1st Place (22.86% of the votes):

/u/nomadst – Bayou Houseboat – TS4

πŸ₯ˆ2nd Place – (21.43% of the votes):

/u/SarahLaCroixSims – Hippie Houseboat – TS4

πŸ₯‰3rd Place – ( – 20.00% of the votes):

/u/Kebounet – Wooden Barge – TS4

/u/J_BILANT – The SV Zeekaiman – TS4

/u/quantumpenguins – The Coreopsis Canal Boat – TS4

See all the rankings here.

Introduction for Newcomers

Every two weeks the challenge will change, We’ll design a different house or interior of a room and we might even sneak a few Create-A-Sims in to break it up a little.

Certain challenges will have a monetary limit, some will be spend as much as you like/can to impress.

We try to make it so everyone can participate in all challenges no matter which Sims game you have and which expansion/stuff packs you have.

If you would like to see some of our past challenges, please check out THIS link.

Bi-Weekly Build Challenge, Week 100: Legacy Properties; 100 Years in the Making!

Ah, the family lake house… such an enjoyable place. The photos on the wall tell such a warm and pleasant story – fond memories, summer evenings, fish frys – generations of family members all having brought up on this very same property. It's not just a cottage or another lot on the river. It's so unique in setting, character or construction, that the family will do everything in their power to ensure that future generations (of their own family) will be able to enjoy the lifestyle afforded by this particular property. Maintaining historical and/or cultural significance over multiple generations, legacy properties are symbolic representations of not only the community for which it serves, but also the storied history of family owners that have been responsible for ensuring it's transition over time. Seen through the eyes of potential buyers, these are the types of homes that are in need of way too much work. Seen through the eyes of the legacy founder(s), these are the perfect properties to build and pass memories to their outdoor loving children. This week, picture and create the multi-generational property-owner home of your dreams, one that will address both the needs of your family today, tomorrow, and onwards! Your completed lot/property must be valued at AT LEAST Β§100,000.

Key Elements:

  • Multi-generational ownership.

  • Lots of land to spare/room for growth.

  • Unique features, such as: original wood floors, vintage windows/hardware, etc.

Must be residential and fully functional. (TIP: Consider using cheats to unlock debug/hidden items and to place objects more freely!)

Read:  I know a lot of you are frustrated with sims content but PLEASE stop abusing the developers.

NOTE: Challenges are open for TWO weeks!

To submit an entry you must comment on this post and format your comment like this, IF IT'S NOT IN THIS FORMAT IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED:

Your reddit username – Title of submission – Version info – unformatted link to photo or video

Link to Gallery Download (Use #RedditBuildChallenge as a tag for ease!) You don't have to link to the Gallery, its only to make it easy for people to find if they want to download

Build Guidelines


  • One entry per person.

  • Lot/property must be valued at AT LEAST Β§100,000

  • Residential properties only (NO apartments!).

  • No Photoshopping images.

  • CC allowed.

Important Dates

September 19th: Challenge Closes around 10pm EST and then posts are verified/voting commences. Winners will be announced when the next challenge goes live (typically within 1-2 days after the deadline).


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