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Bi-Weekly Build Challenge, Week 108: Plant Shops, Garden Centers & Greenhouses!

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Week 106: Around the World; Traditional Japanese Homes!

🥇1st Place (60.00% of the votes):

/u/nature194 – Japanese Traditional – TS4

🥈2nd Place – (55.00% of the votes):

/u/leafpotter – Hakuba Estate – TS4

🥉3rd Place – (47.50% of the votes):

/u/rachology – Solitary Sanctuary – TS4

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Introduction for Newcomers

Every two weeks the challenge will change, We’ll design a different house or interior of a room and we might even sneak a few Create-A-Sims in to break it up a little.

Certain challenges will have a monetary limit, some will be spend as much as you like/can to impress.

We try to make it so everyone can participate in all challenges no matter which Sims game you have and which expansion/stuff packs you have.

If you would like to see some of our past challenges, please check out THIS link.

Bi-Weekly Build Challenge, Week 108: Plant Shops, Garden Centers & Greenhouses!

A garden centre is a large shop, usually with an outdoor area, where you can buy things for your garden such as plants and gardening tools. They tend to offer not only garden supplies but also leisure buildings, garden furniture, products for pets and fish keeping, and giftware and home products! Many garden centers have other departments including wild bird feeding, barbecue grills, decor, landscape design and landscaping services. Some US garden centers have added a cafe or coffee bar, but not like the restaurants found in some European garden centers. Greenhouses are commonly part of a US garden center; they protect the plants from late-season cold snaps, allow stores to keep houseplants in prime condition, and keep the customers dry on rainy days!

Key Elements:

  • Primarily an outdoor facility.

  • Have greenhouse(s) and/or a cafe.

  • Sells mainly plants, gardening supplies and tools.

Retail properties preferred (other lot types OKAY). ROOFTOPS ALLOWED! Must be fully functional. (TIP: Consider using cheats to unlock debug/hidden items and to place objects more freely!)

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NOTE: Challenges are open for TWO weeks!

Reference Links —

To submit an entry you must comment on this post and format your comment like this, IF IT'S NOT IN THIS FORMAT IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED:

Your reddit username – Title of submission – Version info – unformatted link to photo or video

Link to Gallery Download (Use #RedditBuildChallenge as a tag for ease!) You don't have to link to the Gallery, its only to make it easy for people to find if they want to download

Build Guidelines


  • One entry per person.

  • Retail properties preferred (other lot types OKAY). ROOFTOPS ALLOWED!

  • Lot must be at least 30 x 20 in size.

  • No Photoshopping images.

  • CC allowed.

Important Dates

March 20th: Challenge Closes around 10pm EST. This deadline is the "cut off" for sharing submissions. The deadline is not when you should expect a new challenge to be posted. Winners will be announced when the next challenge goes live (typically a few days after the deadline)..


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