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Bi-Weekly Build Challenge, Week 109: Shabby Chic Spring Cottages!

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Week 107: Luxurious Love Motels!

🥇1st Place (70.00% of the votes):

/u/PizzaPugPrincess – The In and Out Motel – TS4

🥈2nd Place – (65.00% of the votes):

/u/Saaedra – The Parisienne (slight NSFW) – TS4

🥉3rd Place – (52.50% of the votes):

/u/Jesuislepetitmuzzy – The Cherry Stem Motel – TS4

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Introduction for Newcomers

Every two weeks the challenge will change, We’ll design a different house or interior of a room and we might even sneak a few Create-A-Sims in to break it up a little.

Certain challenges will have a monetary limit, some will be spend as much as you like/can to impress.

We try to make it so everyone can participate in all challenges no matter which Sims game you have and which expansion/stuff packs you have.

If you would like to see some of our past challenges, please check out THIS link.

Bi-Weekly Build Challenge, Week 109: Shabby Chic Spring Cottages!

Think of visiting with your grandmother, snuggled in comfortable soft furniture. Fresh flowers look beautiful and the soft scent of candles fills the room. It's cozy with a touch of romance! Cottage-style homes are distinguished by their comfy, welcoming appearance and are typically quite small (one or two stories). Similar to eclectic style, shabby chic doesn't exactly adhere to a strict set of design guidelines, trends, or rules. Shabby chic balances elegant contemporary pieces with old and worn ones; combining patterns and colors, such as stripes, checks, and floral fabrics to achieve a warm and inviting look. It is a comfortable, casual decorating style with a look that uses vintage accessories, pastels, and comfortable furniture. Because shabby chic style is so adaptable, it's a perfect way to decorate any type of home. With the focus on warmth and comfort, everyone will be comfortable!

Key Elements:

  • Soft delicate colors (soft white, muted gray, pale pink, and faded green all have a place in a shabby chic interior).

  • Combined patterns and colors, such as stripes, checks, and floral fabrics to achieve a warm and inviting look.

  • Shingled, stucco walls, balconies, small porches, gable roofs, and bay windows.

  • Flowers, candles, and other ambient decorations.

Residential properties only. Must be fully functional. (TIP: Consider using cheats to unlock debug/hidden items and to place objects more freely!)

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NOTE: Challenges are open for TWO weeks!

Reference Links —

To submit an entry you must comment on this post and format your comment like this, IF IT'S NOT IN THIS FORMAT IT WILL BE DISQUALIFIED:

Your reddit username – Title of submission – Version info – unformatted link to photo or video

Link to Gallery Download (Use #RedditBuildChallenge as a tag for ease!) You don't have to link to the Gallery, its only to make it easy for people to find if they want to download

Build Guidelines


  • One entry per person.

  • Residential properties only (NO apartments!).

  • Lot must be NO BIGGER than 30 x 30.

  • 1-2 Floors/Levels maximum (excluding basements).

  • No Photoshopping images.

  • CC allowed.

Important Dates

April 11th: Challenge Closes around 10pm EST. This deadline is the "cut off" for sharing submissions. The deadline is not when you should expect a new challenge to be posted. Winners will be announced when the next challenge goes live (typically a few days after the deadline)..

– Source

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