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Decided to start a new royal legacy challenge. All hail the Goths!

Content of the article: "Decided to start a new royal legacy challenge. All hail the Goths!"

Hi everybody!

So, I recently decided to start a royal legacy challenge in TS4. This time, however, I decided to recreate the franchise's most iconic family: the Goths! My goal is to achieve 10 generations, starting with Victor's parents. I plan on following the game's main family tree (with Victor, Gunther, and Mortimer as future kings) as well as creating new members for storyline purposes! That being said, let me introduce you to the Goths, the royal family of the United Kingdom of Forgotten Hollow, Windenburg, and Willow Creek:

King Arthur Goth IV – Quick learner, loner, bookworm, self-assured. Ascended to the throne when his father, King Gunther Goth II, died from natural causes. Twelve years after his coronation, Arthur is now one of the most beloved monarchs of all time! His extreme commitment to his duties, however, also implies that he is quite distant from his family – especially from his children. At this point, will he risk compromising his impeccable reputation in exchange for being a better parent?

Queen Consort Helena Goth – Domestic, proper, good, gloomy. A faithful wife to her husband, and great queen to her people. When she is not visiting schools and hospitals, you may find her painting, knotting, or taking care of her garden. As a protective mother, Helena aims to make sure all her children get the love and support they deserve, especially since her husband is barely at home.

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Prince Victor Goth – Quick learner, bookworm, unflirty. As the firstborn and heir apparent, it is Victor's destiny to become a king. Even though his mother tried her best, Victor turned out to be very much like his father. Currently in his late teen years, he is expected to go to university soon. As a future king, however, he is also expected to start searching for his future queen – which, to be honest, is not part of his priorities right now. Will find someone who can conquer his cold heart?

Princess Lolita Goth – Music lover, social butterfly. Lolita is artistic, talkative, and the favorite of Arthur's children. There is not much to say about her: she is a prodigy. One may wonder what the future holds for her…

Prince Samuel Goth – Rambunctious scamp, slob. Samuel is the last-born and second in line to the throne. In terms of behavior, he can be quite… unpredictable. Some may say he is not a fit for the crown. Deep down, he just wishes he would receive as much attention as his siblings do.

Hope you guys enjoyed my family! I am looking forward to posting updates here as I progress with the family's storyline. The Goths truly are the royalty of The Sims. I'm having so much fun with them! Also, here are some pictures from my game:

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The Goths. On the wall, portraits of the late King Gunther Goth II and his wife, Queen Mary Goth (also known as "Bloody Mary")

His Majesty King Arthur Goth IV in his official royal portrait.

Her Majesty Queen Helena Goth showing off her beautiful garden of dead roses.

His Royal Highness Prince Victor Goth, soon-to-be King Victor Goth.

Her Royal Highness Princess Lolita Goth playing the piano – she's quite good at it!

His Royal Highness Prince Samuel Goth making a mess. Very on-brand for him.


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