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Does anyone else wish financial struggles were a much bigger part of the game?

Content of the article: "Does anyone else wish financial struggles were a much bigger part of the game?"

TLDR: Let me be in debt, let me struggle. Money should be earned, there should be a challenge for some families. Being rich doesn’t really feel rewarding, because it’s both easily gained and there just isn’t much that makes the rich life stand out compared to the rest.

Money should be more important in this game. It’s a life simulator! I get it’s also partially to escape the (sometimes) harsh reality, but I believe it could be challenging– and thus fun – if we actually had to overcome some struggles.

Starting with 20k Simoleons is fine, but what if we actually had a mortgage. Hell, depending on how we start the game could even affect if we actually are able to own a small house just yet. Personally I often play with just 1 sim from the get go and start in an apartment, buy a cheap house and later get a plot of land and get him/her an actual house worthy of calling home. I like seeing that progression in my Sims.

You fly through the career promotions and make the big money within no time. Unlike real life, I don’t actually like seeing so much money so quickly in the Sims. I want them to go through a struggle. I can put all kinds of restrictions on how I play and even delete money from my Sim, but honestly I would just love it if it became a part of the actual game. Right now my Sims could work for a couple weeks and they’d basically be set for life. We have pensions in the game… but don’t need them. What if your elderly Sim took up knitting to sell online to make a little bit of extra money so she’d be able to afford some luxuries. Obviously not every Sim needs to struggle, but being rich should feel more special and be earned. Right now it just isn’t.

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The Eco living expansion was actually somewhat promising here. It gives you little ways to cut on cost in the long run by investing in good electronics, windmills and dew generators etc. The impact seems to be very small, but that is because the cost is basically next to nothing compared to what we can make (and that is through a normal career as a single Sim, you don’t even need to garden, write, paint or have a family of goblins in the basement working day and night). Yes, I want things to be more expansive. I want luxury food items that I absolutely cannot afford with my Sim – or maybe just once a year with Christmas the family buys that very expansive bottle of wine. Things like that.

Costs of houses are ridiculously cheap. Like, the 20k starting money already gets you a house on a large plot of land, and you can pretty much buy all the furniture you need. Obviously not the most luxuries house, but the necessities are taking care of and it only takes a little bit of playing before you got a home with great furniture. I much rather start with a mortgage that my Sim needs to pay off overtime or they might even be forced to start in an apartment because the bank isn’t willing to help them just yet. I want to “earn” the ability to renovate my house, I want money to be part of the decision to have a child or not, I wish losing your job could put a lot of stress on the Sims as the treat of being kicked out of their house hangs above their head. etc

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And because money is basically never an issue (without self imposed rules and restrictions), it also isn’t very rewarding to actually have a huge sum of money. The rich life is so easily gained. I want it to feel like an achievement that the family can finally afford a live-in butler! I want an expansive car in front of my home. I want to eat very expansive every day. Expansive boarding schools for the kids. I just want a reason for the piles of money we sit on in no time. Long term goals and challenges to overcome.

I do realize not everyone (obviously) would enjoy challenges and changes like this, so I wonder how does the rest of the community here thinks about this?


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