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EA: “Make your own story!”

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I think one of the main reasons long-time simmers who came from previous games are so disappointed with TS4 (like myself), is that EA didn't develop TS4 as a life simulation like the previous games… Instead, they essentially built it as a dollhouse where we are expected to control EVERYTHING in order to "tell a story".

It's been in the game's marketing campaigns since the beginning. "Tell your story". The game is full of set dressings (the closed-off worlds) and sims with no personality. We're given plenty of CAS assets and new build/buy objects to use in every pack, and then we're forced to basically use our imagination with it and "make our story" with the stuff they give us.

That form of gameplay might be fine to people with a lot of imagination, but for people like me, I expect my sims to tell their own story. Will Wright's vision with TS1 was that you would give your sims houses and objects and friends, and you could sit back and watch their lives unfold. It was expanded even more in TS2 where your sims had genuine personalities, wants, fears, memories, and actual depth to their relationships with others. TS3 continued this while also giving us open worlds.

TS4 however took away all of that depth and gave us a dollhouse instead where we have to tell our sims what to do at all times. If we want drama, we have to make it up ourselves. The sims in TS4 no longer tell us if they're attracted to someone specific, they don't tell us if there's a particular career they want to focus on, they don't tell us if they want to move or quit their job or break up with their partner. It's all up to us. And that's boring.

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I've bought all of the packs for TS4 up to Eco Living, and I think I'm done for a while. Every time I open up my game, I just get bored immediately because I know that I'm expected to decide on everything for my sims and "make my own story". But "making your own story" adds no element of surprise to the game and makes it so damn predictable. I've been so hesitant about going back to TS2 or TS3 as my main Sims game for a while because I've spent so much money on TS4 and I wanted to give it a chance. But to be honest, I'm tired of being disappointed by it.


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