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How I use mods to make Sims 4 a nice experience for me

I'm gonna focus on 2 things that I think Sims 4 is not that good at: Sims Personality, and the worlds…

MC Command Center

Besides it changing multiple things, the ones I want to focus are:

  • It gives neighborhood a progression, which means Sims get married, have kinds, grow up, change houses, etc. (One part of my family is on its third generation without me playing with them)
  • I make friendly and romantic relationships harder. I tend to let them be 40% harder to build, and 20% easier to decrease over time.
  • I increase taxes… Right now it is 70% higher. This makes me go after money all the time, which leaves less "fun" moments for my sims, letting the game much harder to play. Now I spend time painting and doing other activities just so I can get money.

Meaningful Stories

It makes emotions much harder to control. Your Sims won't swap emotions constantly. It also has something called Inertia, that makes your Sim keep with an emotion for longer, based on what is happening with him.

This mods is probably the most important, since it makes many mechanics much more important. For example: My Sim dislikes cooking… So when she is cooking, she gets tense. However, if she has some bad feelings (like she is tired, and worked a lot), after she cooks, she gets a tense inertia, that makes her tense even though she is not cooking anymore (so just cooking made her become tense, for hours, and I had to work to remove that negative mood). So even the Like and Dislike system becomes more important.

When someone dies, its hard to not be sad by it. Traits become more interesting, because their buffs actually matter now, since controlling emotions is hard. Sentiments are also improved… Basically anything that affects emotions is more relevant to the game.

KS Slice of Life

  • Memories: Makes your Sims have memories from recent stuff that happened, giving new emotions buffs or debuffs, and unlocking new dialogues. This way, you can share many things that happened to you recently.
  • Personality: Creates a personality for your Sim, based on what he is doing. If I'm not mistakes, it is a bit similar to Life Style (I don't have the pack), where you gain a bunch of buffs or debuffs based on your personality. This also changes your emotions.

Improving each Community lot from the Worlds

I mix lot traits from Little Ms Sam, with my own personal touches. The idea is to make every single community lot unique, so there is a reason to go there. For example… you can have 4 gyms that are basic the same thing, and you choose one of them just based on how they look. I changed that in my world.

Let me show some examples:

  • One Gym is normal, with a pool. The other one is the same, but without a pool and with a basketball area. The other one is a Spa only. The other one is a spa and a gym, but has to pay to enter. The other one is simple, but you gain fitness faster (but you have to pay). (the ones you have to pay have better exercising machines, to improve your skills even more).
  • One Library has a kids area that makes them learn stuff faster. The other one improves programing faster but has to pay to enter.
  • One Karaoke is normal. The other one is easier to have parties, but has to pay to enter. The other has a pool area, is fancy (with formal clothes), give a charismatic aura and has to pay to enter.
  • I have 2 restaurants, but one of them you have to pay, because he gives a romantic mood.
  • One bar is basic but has a tabletop football, and a darts to have fun. The other has some arcades to play with and has to pay to enter. The other also has to pay to enter, but it makes parties better. And the other one is a place with tons of pets visiting.

So the idea is to make Lots have unique traits, and unique objects, that you can only find at them (or a combination of objects). To make it all even better, I avoid having all objects at home, so I can force myself to visit lots. So I avoid even having exercising machines, or chess, or a telescope etc, to make me go out of home more frequently.

This took me a long time to do, but was worth it, because the world becomes more interesting to visit and explore.

The End

I also use other mods… But these are the more important ones. Now, anything that changes emotions feels important to me! I've seen some people that did not like Sentiments that much, because they just change your emotions… But since emotions affect the entire gameplay, and since I use the Meaningful Stories mod, Sentiments was an amazing update for me. The world evolving and feeling more unique is also something I look forward a lot, but I still don't think it comes even close to how fun it was for me to play at the open world from Sims 3.

Each person has their own playstyle. I like to have a hard experience with the game, and I like depth more than the looks (even though I do like stuff to have beautiful graphics and design). So this is all about me having fun with the game, and maybe some of these mods and ideas can make the game better for you too.

note: I'm gonna try to use a mod that lets you build off lot, so I can make the surroundings of each neighborhood more interesting… But I haven't tried it yet (

And just one last small personal thing: I used to micromanage every single action for every Sim, trying to make them all perfect. Now I let them live by themselves more often, and I don't try to make every single detail be exactly how I like. With the game harder to play with all these mods, it is more frequent for things to not go as I wanted to, and that also improves my enjoyment with the game. It's nice to let the simulation also decide stuff for you.


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