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I don’t want to give up on the Sims series

Content of the article: "I don’t want to give up on the Sims series"

I don’t want to give up on the Sims series

I’m a lifetime simmer, been playing the games starting from sims 1 both on the console and pc. This is one of the few gaming franchises where I went out of my way to play every main game and every spin off (console ports, sims 2 stories, my sims, sims medieval)

Like any sim maniac, I’m finding myself to be constantly disappointed by Sims 4 and its lack of many features that were previously available in older titles. The fact that it has became the modder community’s responsibility to sorta finish the game and add in much needed features while EA is turning out lackluster expansions and stuff packs no one asked for.

And it’s not like I gave up on this game from the start, I preordered it despite everyone else telling me it’s a waste of time. I was disappointed by it the first time I played it but I STILL tried to love it and enjoy it, I wanted to give them a chance and see what they had in store, I mean maybe they’ll fix shit in updates or something.

But no, years went by and I barely saw any improvements. No vehicles, no personal bios, no memories, no more those little animations and actions that added realism and personality, you can’t customize the soundtrack like you did in Sims 2, the neighborhoods are bland and uninteresting.

Sims 3 had a create a world tool while Sims 2 let you create your own neighborhoods using templates. Without any expansion packs, stuff packs or any updates.

Remember how both Sims 2 and 3 (especially 2) empathized a lot on giving their neighborhoods and households personalities and really detailed stories? Like in Sims 2 had the Bella Goth disappearance, Pleasantview’s soap drama inspired stories, the Romeo and Juliet motif from Veronaville, Strangetown as a whole, etc

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Meanwhile the BFF household in Willow Creek aren’t even best friends

I don’t want to shit on sims 4 fans for enjoying it, I think it’s sorta admirable that you’re still willing to play the game despite its many problems.

I don’t want to give up on the Sims series, I’ve been a huge fan my whole life but I’m just disappointed by what we got in 6 years. I’ll still give Sims 5 a chance too and especially Paralives but I won’t get my hopes up cause the team behind it is small and life simulators are not easy to design and program. I hope they don’t catch a case of “feature creep”


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