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I know a lot of you are frustrated with sims content but PLEASE stop abusing the developers.

Content of the article: "I know a lot of you are frustrated with sims content but PLEASE stop abusing the developers."

I’m seeing on social media, a huge amount of vitriol thrown at the game developers – specifically calling them lazy and that they don’t care. The thing that most of you (I’m aiming this at the people doing it which includes some youtubers) don’t realise is that game developers in big companies have little input in the grand scheme of a game. At the end of the day, if EA wants their Star Wars cash cow to make an appearance, they get it. If they want the release of TS4 to be multiplayer, they get it. When that doesn’t end up working? Well, the developers had to pick up the pieces, work with very limiting capabilities (that was made for small worlds like TSO) and an exhausting and unfair release date which meant nixing a lot of features they wanted. Don’t worry, EA says, put them in a DLC.

EA is notorious for chewing up and spitting out amazing game companies. Lucasarts and Bullfrog are just a couple. Not only that, but the treatment of game developers as a whole is very controversial. What happened at Telltale games is not unusual. You get told what to do, given a very unrealistic due date and are given limited resources.

I’m not denying that these extensive amount of problems and complaints are unwarranted. Quite the opposite. The choice of which expansion packs and features are prioritised, however, are by and large out of their hands. I can imagine ignoring deep and dark skin tones is a large issue within a company dominated by white people and I’m not excusing that culture or other social issues ignored BUT they probably can’t really do much as employees.

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EA is a huge company, driven by fast profit with little concern over the severe limitations of an unrealistic due date. The more profitable DLC and micro transactions the better which is why they demand multiplayer as well which was intended for 4 but is now 5.

Now some of this is from leads, absolutely. However, they are limited by time crunch as well and have to figure out how to optimise what’s expected of their team and that’s often having to forgo what fans want – a decision they might not like to make.

And to add, directly messaging developers, asking for them to implement vital features isn’t bad, either. Calling them lazy and uncaring is.

P.s. I suggest looking into developer bios and see how many of them have actually been around since 2 or 3. You think they don’t give a toss about some of your gripes, too?


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