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Ideas on how to make elders fun

Content of the article: "Ideas on how to make elders fun"

I watched PleasantSims' video on how Elders evolved throughout the series and it got me thinking about what changes would make them actually fun.

I don't expect any of these to ever actually make their way into the games of course, but given that (in my opinion) elders have consistently been the most boring life stage I thought it would be fun to come up with ideas on how to make them more rewarding to play. I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who enjoys a want-based, slightly chaotic gameplay so I understand these might not seem fun for everyone – I'd love to gear your suggestions!

I think the biggest issue for me, both in sims2 and sims3 (haven't played sims 4), is how predictable they are. With earlier stages, you can look forward to seeing what kind of life they lead, but with elders the only unanswered question remaining is how/when they'll die, which doesn't make for very engaging gameplay. So I would love to see some elders-exclusive hidden 'traits' or aspirations that bring an element of surprise to aging up! These could be partially random, or depend on their aspiration meter, traits they already have, or how satisfying their life has been so far. Here's some examples I came up with:

  • Cat-obsessed: could happen to elder sims with social traits that don't have a lot of friends and/or family members, or widowed sims. Their wants revolve around adopting and rescuing cats.
  • Hippie grandma: could be more likely to happen to vegetarian sims, and ones without the wealth aspiration in sims2. They become interested in gardening and arts; spending time with other sims could influence them to consider quitting their job and following a similar lifestyle.
  • End-life crisis: more likely to happen to sims who spent most of their adult life working and not having much time to enjoy life. They want to catch up on everything they missed out on, and get wants relating to traveling, hanging out with other sims, and learning new hobbies.
  • Grumpy: might happen to sims who are dissatisfied with their life. The 'get off my lawn!' type, prone to yelling at neighbourhood sims stopping by or reading their newspaper. Their wants often feature nagging other sims.
  • Cougar: likely to happen to romance sims in sims2, or flirty sims in sims3. As you can probably guess, they are interested in pursuing relationships with much younger sims.
  • Strict: this sim forgot what it's like to be young, and finds late partying and public displays of affection unacceptable. Might punish teens if they play video games on weekdays, and tries to make them learn a hobby instead.
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Another issue is that even with an expansions like Generations, all elders are kinda treated the same; they get extra interactions (like the reminiscing) but it's the same for every elder. For example, I think it would be fun to see family-oriented elders be able to nag their adult children about not having kids yet (and depending on their relationship, it could have an influence on the adult sim's wants).

I also would love to see more CAS items for elders, and some elder-specific lots (bingo club anyone?).

What are your thoughts?


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