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My biggest issue with TS4 in its current state, as someone who really wants to enjoy it.

Yes, these threads pop up all the time and repeat the same points ad nauseam. But I haven’t seen one (in recent memory at least) that really focuses in on what I think is one of the most major roadblocks for ts4 reaching its potential right now.

There’s zero doubt the game has improved immensely from the absolute travesty it was at release. I would say the game is not only mostly playable now, but dare I say it can even be a little bit fun sometimes! I’ve owned it since release day and have been a very open about my dislike towards this instalment since the very first day. I consider ts2/3 better instalments by far, but even then I can admit the game has improved tremendously. There’s obviously still a lot of big missing features that everyone has kicked into a fine pulp on this subreddit a thousand times already. We know. I think almost every old school simmer is well aware of that, and a majority aren’t too happy about it. But those have been discussed so much I think they overshadow other small things that seriously ruin the game’s fun at times: basic QoL things.

I’m not even talking about the colour wheel or simulation lag – we are all unfortunately very familiar with those topics. I’m talking about some ridiculously small, easy, extremely frustrating tiny QoL improvements that genuinely boggle my mind that they are still not in this game in 2021.

  • WHY can we not turn existing sims into occults in CAS? This was in TS3 and is a very basic QoL improvements. Made a really cute sim but forgot to set her as a spell caster, or changed your mind while making her? Tough shit! Can’t swap her now. Wanna save her to the gallery and change her to one? Nope, not possible to import her as one. That’s okay, let’s just use the genetics tool to make a clone and set her as an occult- nope, can’t do that either. Have fun remaking the entire sim’s genes visually.

  • Allowing wood swatches to be separate from fabric/other swatches. Sims 2 has done this since day one and it boggles me that a game multiple decades later hasn’t implemented it. It isn’t even a particularly difficult fix to do, although it would’ve been much easier if they’d just bit the bullet closer to release and did it early in the game’s lifecycle, which seems to be a reoccurring trend for s4 unfortunately.

  • EA has claimed to fix sims wandering to bathroom sinks to wash dishes several times, but it continues to happen consistently. Why not add a simple flag to sinks for “allow/disallow dishes”?

  • Very small personal pet peeve, but it’s bothered me in every sims game that if a double bed is against a wall on one side sims won’t just roll against the side next to the wall so a second sim can use the open side.

  • Still no button to save individual sims to the gallery rather than a whole household; why not bring back the sims 3 “save this sim” rather than have to remove the single sim you want to save from every other sim? Huge pain if I makeover townies and want to save the sims individually to my gallery.

  • Still not a single normal sized telescope. No cupcakes without an obnoxious machine. The giant ~extra zany~ items are just a massive annoyance when no normal options exist.

  • Generational genes still haven’t made a comeback.


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