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My ideas for a hypothetical werewolf game pack

Content of the article: "My ideas for a hypothetical werewolf game pack"

The World

Similar to Vampires having their own map, Werewolves will also have a similarly sized one. It would be a cross between Forgotten Hollow and Granite Falls. Very woodsy and secluded, and kind of moody.

  • 4-5 Lots

  • A rabbit hole part of the map called the deep woods that Sims can explore and werewolves can hunt in.

  • Has a good sized lake you can fish in.

Becoming a Werewolf

  • Sims can become lycanthropes by being scratched by a werewolf.

  • If a werewolf has children, those children will also be werewolves (unless the other parent is a different occult, then it’s 50/50).

  • Sims born as werewolves will not be able to transform until they’re a child. As a child werewolf, they have very little control over their transformation but also aren’t strong enough to do much harm. They just scratch the furniture a little bit. Teens are a little stronger, but a werewolf doesn’t reach their full potential until they become a young adult.

  • Lycanthropy can be cured by a potion.

Werewolf Skill Tree

Similar to Vampires, werewolves have their own skills that they can hone.

  • Strength. Werewolves can become very strong, making them capable hunters.

  • Control. Werewolves can gain better control over their powers, making them in full control of themselves on a full moon and even learning to transform whenever they want to.

  • Your sim gains skill points by training with other werewolves, and gaining knowledge about werewolf lore. This would work similarly to gaining points as a vampire, and the vampire lore skill.

Vampires Integration

If you have both Vampires and Werewolves installed, you get fun pack integration such as:

  • Werewolves and vampires start off with negative relationship points. It’s harder to befriend vampires. If a vampire and a werewolf date/marry, other members of their kind will admonish and judge them for it.

  • If you have a werewolf in your home, vampires will not visit it in the night because they would never want to risk drinking werewolf blood. If they do drink from a werewolf, they get a nausea moodlet. On the next full moon, the vampire will get a paranoia moodlet, but nothing will actually happen.

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While vampires feel like more solitary creatures, I think werewolves should be more social ones.

  • Similar to the club system in Get Together, you can form a wolf pack with a leader/alpha.

  • If you are the leader and don’t have great relationships with everyone in the pack, someone could challenge you to a fight to take over your leadership. Likewise, you can challenge the leader of a pack you’re in to become the leader

  • Werewolves in packs can help each other advance in werewolf skills, spar, howl, and hunt together.

The Full Moon

  • Could be integrated with the calendar from Seasons if you have both packs.

  • In TS3, a werewolf on a full moon will just scratch up some furniture and nothing else. In this pack, werewolves are much more destructive. They can scratch furniture, but also completely destroy it.

  • If a werewolf is low in their control abilities, they can be locked in a room so that they don’t destroy anything important. But if a werewolf is high in strength, there’s a chance they could break through the door to escape and wreak havoc.

  • Werewolves can go into the deep woods (a rabbit hole) to hunt. They get a moodlet based on the outcome of the hunt. Higher skilled werewolves have a better chance at successful hunting. Packs can hunt together, with a very high success rate.

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CAS and Build/Buy

I think that a rustic, outdoorsy, lumberjack type of aesthetic would fit werewolves. Flannel, boots, oversized/baggy clothing and furniture that looks well worn, things like that. Clothing should be pretty simple, the items in this pack should be pretty versatile so you can use them outside of making werewolves. This pack would add body hair like TS3 Supernatural did. Also wolf and moon themed tattoos, new facial hair, and some messy/scruffy looking hairstyles.


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