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My new ridiculous expansion pack idea. It’ll be very long. Thanks for reading it.

 Seven Peaks Expansion Pack 

She's Calling You!

Sipirits near, sipirits far, will your sim accept the legacy of the Sultan Nazar? Accept your fate and try to find the bloody diamond in the metropolitan Simanbul. Don't worry about the people, they're just there to help you around. Go to Grand Bazaar to start your quest. Talk to locals, visit Haghia Sophia, The Ground cistern, the Dolmabahçe Palace, Galata Tower and learn more and more about the blood diamond. But be careful, there might be liars or somebody else to sabotage you. Just follow the directions of your instructor Gamze Yeralan and her team. Everybody else can lie to you, don't be foolish. Find the diamond, be rich and live your life with never ending happiness or die in the hallways of the ground cistern. It's all about the choices. Or just visit the Simanbul and have a great vacation in the metropolitan city.

Will You Help Me?

In your dreams, a beautiful woman calls you to Simanbul, she lost something valuable that would give never-ending happiness to the sim who could find it. Don't let bad people take the diamond before you. Will you help Sultan Nazar?

Don't Get Lost in the streets of Simanbul!

What a great place to visit in all the seasons! From the ancient kingdom of Simanbul to the metropolitan Simanbul. There sure were so many country tried to invade this city, this is the best option a kingdom could ever had! This beautiful city lies over two continent and offers plenty of building style from rural houses to skyscrapers. Would you live in a city full of history and great museums?

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CAS Items:

2 new styles of hijab.

15 feminine, 10 masculine, 5 unisex children and 2 toddler clothes

10 head and 10 body accessories.

Body hair for males (teen to elder)

Build and Buy items:

5 new window style. Each has 1×1 to 3×3 range making it 20 windows to fit every height of wall.

6 new doors to fit every height of a wall

1 new set of seating (couch, love seat and armchair ) 1 new coffee table

2 new ceiling lighting

2 new wall lighting

2 new standing lighting

1 new outdoor lighting

1 new fence with a gate

1 new counter with matching island and cabinets

1 new set of kitchen appliances (fridge, stove, microwave, tea machine)

A toaster

3 new rugs

2 new curtains to go with every wall height

A spiral staircase

1 railing matching the outdoor fence and gate


1 new Barbeque grill

3 new wall painting. One Ataturk portait.

100+ live edit objects.

3 new wallpapers

2 new floorings



Hospitable sims get annoyed at their guests way more slowly. Hospitable sims are welcomed to do chores in other houses and let's other sims to do chores in their houses. Their fun bar goes up whenever a gues come over. They prepare some sweets and tea or coffee for their guests.

Barbaeque Maniac

Barbaeque maniac sims want to barbaeque every Sunday with their household. If they're the only sim in the household, they can invite other sims too. Their fun, social and hunger levels drops slower than the other. Barebque Maniac sims can talk about their favourite style of barbaeque with every one even form the get-go.

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Tea Addict

Tea Addict sims drink tea with every meal. They drink tea when they're watching TV or just relaxing. Their sleep and hunger needs drops slower. They always have a had ache in the morning.


Sightseeing Sim:

Sightseeing sim wants to visit every museum in Simanbul and wants to taste every street food they can find.

Adventure Seeker:

Adventure seeker sims want to go on adventures in Simanbul. Adventure seeker sims don't care if the adventure has dangerous thrills. They are brin once and will die anytime, so why should they spend their whole life inside?


Every sim takes off their shoes when entering a flat or a house

The sim in Simanbul don't go outside without having breakfast.

Families in Simanbul are hospitable. They always invite you to their houses and wants to prepare some snack for you with a side of, of course, a glass of tea

Go shopping in the Grand Bazaar

Go and explore the historical places such as Haghia Sophia, Emirgan Park, Dolmabahçe Palace, Galata Tower, Ground Cistern.

Realx in your hotel near the Bosphorus.

Move to any continent of the city. If you love metropolitan type of city (skyscrapers, apartment buildings, lots of neighbours) then the Simnation side of Simanbul is just for you. If you love more silent and tranquil areas (one to three storey houses, gardens and parks) then the Simolia part of Simanbul is just for you.

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Make friends for life! The resident of Simanbul are very helpful and hospitable. If you ever make a friend with one of them, ten you'll be friends for forever.

Whole family gets around the table for every meal.

Two new jobs, Factory Worker (full time) and Bazaar Shopkeeper (full time)

A new party type, Henna Night. The party that happens before the wedding and only feminine sims allowed. After throwing this party, the wedding will happen a day after automotically.


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