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Played the Sims 4 for 24 Hours, After Playing the Sims 3 for 10 Years. Here Are My Thoughts.

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to share my experience with The Sims 4, as I started recently just purchased it. The reason I put off buying it so long was because I was extremely dissatisfied with The Sims 4 upon release, and was not willing to spend the retail price on the product as I felt it simply wasn't worth it. I've played The Sims 3 for most of my life, 10 years to be exact, and the removal of Create-a-Style and the open worlds was something I didn't want to give up. However, due to Covid boredom, I ended up trying it… many years late.

So I'll start with the positives! One thing I love about The Sims 4 are the sims themselves. I think they're a HUGE upgrade, not just because they no longer look like creepy mannequins, but they're actually intelligent (i.e. Flirty sims no longer flirt with literally every other sim they come across). Their faces are well animated, although cartoony and stylized, but they look and behave much better. They still fail to take care of toddlers without my intervention though. Another thing I loved is how well the game runs. I can actually run it perfectly well on my laptop, with the only glitches being my sims randomly entering an A-pose, or getting stuck on fast speed.

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So now for the negatives… which is pretty much everything else. Removing Create-a-Style was a bad choice, removal of open worlds was a huge downgrade. But what sucks the most about the neighborhoods is that nobody else progresses. Your neighbors will remain static aside from aging, never changing careers, entering relationships, having children, etc… it's really depressing. Everything is up to your imagination regarding the world, because they're are no rabbit holes. Why are there like only 8 hair colors, but 30+ or so skin tones? Why can't I add highlights? Why can't I personalize my clothes? Why can't I personalize my house?? WHY CAN'T I _____???? Obviously the release was rushed because toddlers, pools, and basements weren't in the game from the start if I remember.

I will likely go back to The Sims 3, but I may go back to The Sims 4 every now and then to mess around with Create-a-Sim. All in all, Sims 4 felt like a huge downgrade, and I'm glad I didn't buy the game at full price. The content packs are the same… they improved one feature they hyper-focused on, then took out a ton of other stuff (i.e. can't control the pets). I bought Seasons because it was the only one I heard good things about, and I'm glad I bought it at a discounted price, because although it adds nice things, like the well-designed holidays, but its not worth $40. If they make a Sims 5, hopefully they take the Sims from Sims 4, and combine them with everything else from Sims 3. That would be a perfect, well-designed game imo.

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Thank you for reading! Just a reminder this is entirely my opinion, and I just wanted to share my thoughts. If there's a feature you love about Sims 4, such as something from the content packs, please tell me! I want to improve the game as much as I can.


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