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September 2020: What PC/Laptop – Expansion/Game/Stuff Pack should I get?

Content of the article: "September 2020: What PC/Laptop – Expansion/Game/Stuff Pack should I get?"

Greetings, everyone! New month, new thread.

To help keep these sort of preference/advice seeking posts to a minimum and facilitate better discussion, let's keep questions and comments about which EP, GP, SP, DLC, PC or Laptop here in one place. We've also found a helpful in depth post on Sims Community that can help with your decision too, based on what you're interested in.

Is it worth it?

Here is a collection of megathreads created after many of the pack release. (Sorted newest to oldest)
* Nifty Knitting
* Eco Lifestyle
* Tiny Living
* Discover University
* Realm of Magic
* Moschino Stuff
* Island Living
* Strangerville
* Get Famous
* Seasons
* My First Pet Stuff
* Jungle Adventure
* Laundry Day
* Cats & Dogs
* Fitness Stuff
* Toddler Stuff
* Parenthood
* Bowling Stuff
* Vampires
* Vintage Glamour
* City Living
* Backyard Stuff
* Kids Room
* Dine out
* Romantic Garden
* Movie Hangout
* Get Together
* Spooky Stuff
* Cool Kitchen
* Spa Day
* Perfect Patio
* Luxury Party Stuff
* Get To Work
* Outdoor Retreat

For computers and laptops, it might be better to head over to a sub that specializes in those recommendations, such as SuggestALaptop, buildapc, or buildapcforme. You can still ask here, they are just way better equipped to answer those questions. However, we recognise that these subs may be overwhelming or difficult to navigate for those who don't know much about computers. We are always looking for more accessible guides to help you guys out. One of our community members, /u/iOui has done just that, and created some Sims specific youtube guides to help with purchasing your next computer so you can enjoy The Sims. You can go check out her videos here:
If you check over on EA AnswersHQ forum you can also find this page which outlines the minumum system requirements.
Another option is to plug your PC specs over at Can You RUN it or PC Gaming Benchmark Or just search "will my pc run it" in google for other options.

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Threads asking this question outside of this post are likely to be removed to reduce over-saturation within the sub (see rule 8!)

Happy simming, happy window-shopping, and happy upgrading!


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