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Sims 4 Modding 101: Everything you need to know

I made a post about the incredible Memorable Events mod by KawaiiStacie, and I had quite a few responses from people who were really excited to get into modding, so I’ve decided to go ahead and make a whole post about it! Here’s some of my favorite mods that will completely change the way you play The Sims 4. I also thought it would be nice to give some tips and tricks I've figured out, so that you don't have to waste time discovering them for yourself. 🙂

First off: Please watch

to see how to place mods into your game. Keep in mind that many files will come in zipped folders. Unless the site from where you installed it says otherwise, you'll always want to extract them into your Mods folder. And PLEASE, whenever you install a new mod, make sure to triple check that everything you want is only one folder deep in your Mods folder. Often, a mod will extract as, say, Mods/Faster_Time/Faster_Time/fasterTime.package. Make sure to cut and paste everything into that first folder under Mods (Mods/Faster_Time/fasterTime.package). Also, at the end of this post, I have a tip for downloading mods into an external drive.

Okay, enough with the preamble! Let’s dive into it:

Here’s two MUST HAVE mods – these are absolute game changers – once you try them, you’ll never want to go back! Make sure you read everything on their installation pages, because they change just about everything in the game (for the better!):

  • Slice of Life – Breathe some life into your creations! With SOL, your sims – and NPCs! – can do anything and everything. Sims are considerably more independent, and their moods affect their autonomous actions. Have a flirty sim? She might just make out with her girlfriend, out of the blue. Did someone recently die in your family? Your sim will likely receive a text from a close friend, offering him condolences. Or maybe an NPC friend has some leftover cookies – they just might call you over to help them gobble them up! Teens and adults can get acne, kids can lose teeth, women can have periods (can be removed), everyone can order sickness medication, mothers can have babies in the hospital… Shall I continue? This mod has it all. You will never get bored of The Sims again. (Here's a great video if you want to get hyped up!)
  • MC Command Center (MCCC) – Did you know that The Sims was created to serve as an adult dollhouse? With all the ways that The Sims 4 restricts you, it sometimes doesn’t feel that way. MCCC, however, allows you to access new game controls quickly and (relatively) easily. There is SO much more to this mod than I could even begin to explain. Instead, I suggest that you glance over this page and watch

    . It’s a bit hard to get used to, but I promise that it’s worth the effort.

    • PLEASE NOTE: You will want to install both the latest releases of MC Command Center AND MC Woohoo.

Here’s some other mods that I love to the moon and back:

  • Memorable Events – Before installing this, I thought The Sims had more than enough Social Event options. I was wrong! Memorable Events will add 40 unique Special Events to your game; some of my favorites being Family Gathering, Meet my Partner, Study Session, and Day of Grieving.
  • The Life Decider– This mod is absolutely genius. I can't stand it when my sim meets the NPC of their dreams…only to find that they have 0 skills, a strange assortment of traits, and no career to speak of. With The Life Decider mod, you can change that with the press of a button! Simply click on a sim to see the "Decide ___'s life" button and change a bland townie to a fascinating character.
  • Explore Mod– Is your sim looking for excitement? With this mod, you can send them off for an afternoon of exploration. They can go alone or with friends, and they will come back with new buffs and bigger smiles.
  • ATM Cards – Now your sims can be as in debt as you are! Take out a credit card and get some loans going. Earlier today, one of my sims took out a § 5,000 loan to buy the house of her dreams. She's been paying it back incrementally, but she's on her way to being both debt-free and living in paradise.
  • 113 More Jobs– Sounds intimidating, I know! But don't worry, you can pick and choose which ones you want. You can either install each individually or give the modder (MidniteTech) $2 on Patreon to install all of them at once. Personally, I installed all at once, and then went through and deleted the ones I didn't want (as well as the ones that I can't play – for example, I don't have the Cats & Dogs pack, so my sims can't be Dog Walkers).
  • WickedWhimsor WonderfulWhims– the X-rated and PG-13-rated (in that order) mods for MUCH better love and sex (ahem, WooHoo!) in The Sims 4. With one of these mods, your sims can have much more realistic relationships, allowing for a very immersive experience. Most modders would actually say that these belong in the "must-haves" category. Keep in mind: You can only have ONE of these installed at a time, and you need to either remove the menstrual cycle aspect from your Whims mod or your Slice of Life mod (depending on which one you like more, if you even want periods in your game in the first place).
    • Here's a

      (Remember – it's REALLY NSFW!) and a

  • Functional Cotton Candy Machine – Honestly, what more do I need to say? It's so cute, too!

As for new items, such as furniture and hairstyles, I'm just going to link several great modders/websites below:

I'd also like to give you a tip for further modding. Sometimes, you'll have files that end with .7zip. For these, you're going to want to install this program. To use it, right click on any .7zip file, select "Open With…", "Choose another app" (even if 7Zip shows up in the little menu), THEN select "7Zip". Now, you'll want to click the checkbox for "Always use this app to open .7zip files", and hit "OK".

Also, here's a HUGE tip for anyone playing on a computer with an external or D:// drive! Technically, your Mods folder needs to go under C:Users... DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4. However, I figured out a trick to make the mods really save on your other drive.

  1. Create a folder in your other drive called “Mods” (capital M!). Copy the address by clicking in the circled part shown in the picture below:

  1. Go to your C:Users... DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4 folder.

  2. Right click in empty space in the folder, click “New”, and select “Create Shortcut”.

  3. Paste in what you copied earlier and hit “Next”.

  4. Click “Finish”.

Now your mods are saved elsewhere, but can still be accessed by the game in your C:// drive. I currently have almost 7 GB of mods, so it’s a good thing I can save them on my D:// drive, with its terabyte of space!

Phew. I think I pretty much covered it all. Please, if you have any new tips & tricks, or any questions about this post, leave a comment! Thanks for reading, and happy modding!


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