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Snowy Escape was hyped, for good reason. You guys need to stop looking at packs as a list of features, saying “oh there’s 3 or 4 things”, and getting angry…and start looking at what those features actually do and offer.

You guys don't know how good we have it.

People complain "All it did was give you 3 skills with looping animations". Those 3 skills have more animation work put into them than several Sims 1 packs combined.

Sims 1's vacation pack- with snowboarding in it- featured one object you could do like 5 snowboard tricks on.

It did not offer anything but raising your fun motive.

Every single feature of Sims 1 Vacation did nothing but raise your fun motive. There was nothing to collect, nothing to find, activities didn't contribute to any sort of mood that determines how the rest of the game plays, no sentiments, no relationship gain, it was a fun motive increasing object pack of small activities with no difference but animations. You can take literally any individual feature of Snowy Escape and when dissected find that it offered more than entire expansions did in Sims 1. I know Sims 1 was a long time ago, but I see people complain Snowy Escape offers little compared to Vacation a lot, and that is simply asinine.

I don't think many of you actually know what Snowy Escape offers because you refuse to learn about packs outside of looking at them on a surface level.

Snowy Escape gives you several locations to do not just Snowboarding but also Skiiing and Sledding. The range of animations for each surpasses the range of new animations added in the entire Vacation pack. They don't just increase fun, but also:

-unlock new clothes, items, and interactions.

-improve your sim's personality by giving them new things to talk to other sims about relating to how good they are at these skills

-sims can be injured and out of it for a while from overdoing it

-you can become a pro and record your snowboarding runs and upload them to make royalty money, even without Get Famous installed.

-Sims can become bros with other snowboarders and do a high five to force both to become energized.

-Teach ski classes to earn money

And that's just snowboarding and skiiing.

Hiking can provide a variety of positive or negative experiences depending on your sim's logic and fitness skills or items i their inventory. You can find Spirits and collect them or wish upon them. Wishing gives you a Simmi Capsule or a tranquil moodlet or money. Meditative Hikes drain negative moodlets very quickly. When you're Fine you can do a Mindful Walk that will let you Surge Emotion after a while which lets you choose whichever emotion you want that lasts TWELVE HOURS.

Rock climbing also unlocks clothes, interactions, a new craftable (energy and protein bars that restore lots of hunger and energy, and lock their decay speeds to 85% their normal rate for 3 hours), Leveling up unlocks excursions. Cimbing gear has durability levels. Excursions are mini events that are actually pretty hard to complete and require lots of prep and careful planning along the way. Sims can fall to death or be injured. They can explore a cave on the mountain to find collectibles. When you finish an excursion you unlock a reward trait, Mountaineer, which has 3 different ranks to unlock and gives better success at outdoor activities. When you complete the final excursion you unlock a summit area where you can build a lot.

There's a variety of festivals and festival activities, too.

But even just describing the basic activities of Rock Climbing, Hiking, Skiing, and Snowboarding, it's ABUNDANTLY CLEAR none of you actually know what goes into these things, what they include, what they unlock, how they work…You see "Rock Climbing, Hiking, and Skiing/Snowboarding" and say "That's only 3 things!" and fail to account for EVERYTHING else about them.

This isn't even getting into the 16 Lifestyles that unlock new interactions and behaviors and basically act as additional unlockable traits!

Snowy Escape is full of content. You not being interested in it and/or refusing to see what it is past trying it out for 5 minutes and moving onto something else doesn't mean it isn't there.


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