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Snowy Escape was overhyped for no reason

I know we are all excited over Cottage Living, but I felt like ranting about this.

When Snowy Escape first got announced, it was praised to death and everyone was very excited. A lot of people loved the new map (which I did too) and the new build buys stuff, alongside the platform tool which came with a patch.

It's been multiple months since that DLC came out and it seems like everyone forgot about it. Although this happens with every expansion pack at this point, this one specifically ran out of steam particularly quickly. After the Game Changers released their videos and everyone else bought the expansion, it stopped being talked about. This was such a stark contrast to the heaps of excitement it received pre-launch. Even Eco Lifestyle got talked about more even though it was received negatively by many.

I think the reason behind why this expansion was not memorable at all was because it did not bring anything THAT new to the game. Sure we got great CAS, BB, and world, but that's a standard for every expansion pack at this point and is not special anymore.

Now, let's talk about the gameplay it added. It added multiple skills such as Rock Climbing, Skiing, and Snowboarding. Although this is a decently high number, these skills have no deeper impact on your gameplay other than looping a few animations. What do you gain when you finish this skill? You cannot attend skiing/snowboarding competitions and sure, you can earn money from teaching skiing but is it really that worth it when it is the same thing over and over again? Although the rock climbing skill unlocks a hidden lot, you will never use it again after you have already seen what is at the top. There is no re-playability. This applies to many activities offered in this expansion pack, such as hiking and going to the festivals or the hot springs.

Another major part of this expansion pack is Lifestyles, which are habits your sims gain when they repeatedly do something. In my own game, I never managed to receive one of these despite trying to multiple times, and from watching Youtubers get them, they don’t seem to be that impactful, at least in my opinion. The sentiments feature that came with the patch works way better, although that also has its flaws.

The two traits added with this DLC (Proper and Adventurous) were reintroduced from the Sims 3 but just like any other trait, they don’t affect your sims a whole lot (but I wouldn’t say this is specifically an issue with just Snowy Escape as traits in the Sims 4 are not good as a whole). The Adventurous trait, compared to the one in the Sims 3 WA, is lacking and the Proper trait, even though I like it, statistically has less effects than the one in Sims 3 Supernatural.

The features I like most about this expansion are the small features such as the school uniforms, household shoe rules, and the hot pots, albeit they really are minor and I would easily be able to sim without them.

This may be an unpopular opinion but Eco Lifestyle was by far better than Snowy Escape. The fabrication & juice fizzing skill was in-depth and the multiple traits added were great too. I don’t use the environment feature every time I play but I still end up using this expansion in some way. This is not the case for Snowy Escape, which I don’t use as often in my game. For me, expansion packs must actively change my game in some way. They shouldn’t just be a one-hit-wonder, and I think that is my main issue with the Sims 4 Snowy Escape.

I would compare Snowy Escape to other location-locked expansion packs such as Island Living and City Living. Although you might use a few features occasionally from either Island or City Living, you most likely forgot about its existence after you played through the main features when you first purchased it.

This is why I am confused about why Snowy Escape is/was so hyped up.


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