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Stop saying “nobody asked for this”. Because YOU didn’t want what’s getting released doesn’t mean nobody did! (rant about the ambiant negativity)

For God's sake, this is getting VERY annoying. Everytime something gets announced, there is a wave of people saying "NoBOdY aSkEd FoR tHiS!!!!". On this sub, on youtube, on the official Sims franchise forum, everywhere.

-First of all, stop being that entitled. The Sims is a sandbox game, there are as many ways to play it as there are players. Realistic players, occult players, challenge players, builders, etc… So OF COURSE every pack released won't scratch your own little itch. Yes, we KNOW that you want freed babies, bunk beds, cars, werewolves and whatever is popular in that echo chamber that is the Sims community but remember that what YOU want is not obligatory what OTHERS want as well. You're not the center or the spokesman/woman of the Sims franchise, and you'd be surprised as to how many people don't care about bunk beds, babies or cars. For the love of Will Wright, don't forget that the main player base of the Sims is the casual gamers, not the hardcore ones like us.

-Also, we've had a LOT of realistic/family stuff in the Sims 4 already. In the previous Sims games, paranormal, occult sims, lifestates were a lot more present and the games were more of a "random creepy stuff happening" than a "perfect family dollhouse" type of games. If you don't accept the fact that the Sims may have a little bit of paranormal in it, then you don't understand this franchise at all 🙁 Plus the occult players haven't had a lot of stuff in Sims 4, so let them have what they can have without ruining their excitement every time.

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-This whole "NoBoDy AsKeD fOr ThIs" bullsh*t is especially stupid with the two latest stuff packs since they were voted via the COMMUNITY POLL. Yeah, sorry to remind you of this but we VOTED. Nifty Knitting won, and Paranormal stuff is very obviously Happy Haunts, which came second in the poll. So yeah, PEOPLE DID ASK FOR THIS KAREN STOP THINKING THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND YOU!

-I don't know why you all take this as a personnal betrayal but remember that it's not a problem not to be interested in EVERY pack released. You can not be excited for everything. You are not interested in the new pack? Then don't buy it and wait for something that suits you better to get announced, you know we're going to get what you're asking for eventually. Be patient.

So, sorry for the rant, but it's so, so, SO annoying to see this everytime something gets released. Maybe you don't like the chosen theme. Maybe you PERSONNALY didn't ask for it. Maybe you have no interest in having more paranormal/knitting/whatever in your game. But other people clearly have, EA doesn't release stuff on a roll of a dice. They do marketing studies. They know what will sell. The online Sims community is an echo chamber, what we want is not what Ashley, 16, who plays the game once every 6 months wants (and Ashley is the core playerbase, never, ever forget that).

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Don't forget that if you feel discontent everytime a new pack is announced and bitch online about it before anyone has even tried it, maybe, MAYBE you should put the game down and try to play something else because you're clearly never ever going to feel happy about the Sims 4 again, even if EA released Entitled Fan Suff Pack (includes cars, babies, bunk beds, werewolves and fairies). Same for people being like "This is happening in the Sims 3, the Sims 4 could neverrrrrr". Let. people. enjoy. things.

End of rant, have a good day everyone!


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