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The disconnect between EA and consumers has gone too far

Content of the article: "The disconnect between EA and consumers has gone too far"

This new Journey to Batuu game pack, is just… I don't even know. Like when did Sims fans ask for anything like this? When did Star Wars fans wanna play Star Wars in the sims? It just doesn't make sense. Which overwhelmingly gives away the fact that it is for money and money only at this point. I mean it's literally the Disney theme park, but with no amusement park rides.

The worst part is they know people will buy this pack just for the full collection and it shows. Especially after watching Game Changers reviews this and seeing how incomplete and confusing this pack will be and people still say "Eh I'll probably just buy it anyway." Don't buy it. If you watch game plays of this pack and don't think you'll like it, don't buy it. Or at least do yourself a favor and wait for it to go on sale. I'm not a fan of Star Wars and I've never seen any of the movies and it does nothing to tell me anything about the franchise.

I have played the Sims since the very beginning and I'm honestly embarrassed when I say I have bought every pack to go with each game. I have put probably thousands into this game and that time and money I feel has been taken for granted since the Sims 4 has come out…6 years ago. There is still so much that is fundamentally wrong or incomplete with the Sims 4 (Ie. We shouldn't have to download CC for skin tones, hair colors, toddlers/kids/elders game play items).

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With all that is wrong with the Sims 4 still, there is no reason to be experimenting this hard with packs yet. I mean they could have given us an amusement park game pack, and had it be Star Wars themed if they wanted to advertise for Disney. Or even have given us a space exploration pack for Star Wars that would actually make sense. Having Batuu actually be a vacation world is just…irritating. Especially with pretty much only 1 intractable lot for each region.

I'm tired of doing the surveys and telling EA exactly what we want and seeing them not even put in an effort to do that. I will not be buying this pack ever, and if the next pack is just another cash grab I'll probably just leave it there. I'm not putting more of my money into a game that refuses to acknowledge the people who give them the funds to make these packs in the first place.


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