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The Game changers program is extremely manipulative

Content of the article: "The Game changers program is extremely manipulative"

The Game Changer program is so manipulative. If it were just a way to have content creators publicize the pack and introduce the DLC I would have no issue with it. A lot of gaming companies have done that and I think it’s nice that some of the most dedicated players get to have some free content.

However, I think the more shady side comes with the “sims camps” parts of the game changers program. As far as I know, they’re flown out to California and get early access IRL which is fine and pretty normal.

What I take issue with is the relationship with the developers and how EA tries to put them at the forefront. I think it’s a way to deter us from criticizing the game or asking the developers to do better. The only other reason I can think of as to why they want the devs online is so they’re more in touch with the community (but clearly they aren’t).

Suddenly they’re ‘gurus’ and interacting with people on twitter. They want us (and the game changers) to think of them as individuals trying their very hardest. They don’t want us to think of a multi million dollar corporation trying their hardest to make money and bring in as many new players as possible, ignoring the wins of their current fan base. (BTW I don’t condone hating on the developers but I think it’s good to criticize them)

I think they’re trying to make us and the game changers see the developers as ‘friends’ as opposed to a company. This manipulation is more powerful for the game changers because they fly out and see them face to face. So even though the game changers are ‘allowed’ to criticize the game they still feel bad about it because of them knowing the gurus.

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I think this tactic has worked especially well on some YouTubers. Lilsimsie comes off to me as non confrontational and a bit timid. I can imagine that for her especially it’s very hard to criticize the game bc of the personal relationships she has with the devs. (I.E. them going as far as even naming the cow plant after her). I don’t mean to single her out though, I think this goes for a lot of other youtubers but she was just the first example I thought of.

Overall, EAs antics with having us get to know the devs better comes off as extremely manipulative to me. It’s only led to Game changers having trouble being objective and a community that has allowed far too many lackluster packs to be released.

TL;DR: EA wants us and game changers to feel bad for developers so we don’t criticize the game as much.


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