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The Sims Resource Is Terrible. I’m Sorry.

So… okay. I've recently been introduced to CC and mods. Not gonna lie to you, CC especially is very new territory to me. So I did some poking around, and I realize that there are many CC sites, but most of the ones I found either had all paid-for stuff, or stuff ultimately linked back to what I discovered to be TSR.

On the surface level, it's good. Let me first preface before I say anything else – they have every right to limit some things for paid users (VIP), these creators and developers put a lot of work into their stuff, and it's reasonable for them to make some money.

But, as someone who doesn't have a credit card yet and doesn't make money on her own, there are some – issues. I also don't go poking around for CC often because I wanna play my game, but MY. GOD. I almost feel like I'm being BULLIED into getting VIP.

Like I said, people can agree or disagree or call me whiny, but this is just my opinion. I downloaded something, ok? Then it turns out I have to wait ten seconds. Okay, no biggie, I can go download something in the next tab. What's this? You can't download two things at the same time unless you're VIP? Uhh… that's kind of inconvenient, but alright.

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Okay, downloading here… 10…9…8

Oh! Looks like you have to wait for 175 seconds! You have an ad-blocker on! I turned it off. Refresh, even close out and re-enter… BOOM! Same problem.

Forget it, I'll tackle this site later.

I come back, my ad blocker isn't on. NOT ON ANY PAGE ON ANY SITE. The same problem three times again – looks like you have your ad blocker on! NO I DON'T. Want this to not happen? Get VIP –

If you get VIP we –


Okay, time to go browse for some new pants. Let's look here… don't see anything I like on the first page, let's click to the next –

(5 minutes later)

Wow! What a ridiculously long wait to get from ONE PAGE TO THE NEXT! Yay!

Now, some of this is just the site problem in general, it's got so much stuff on it so like.. I guess. There's actually some really good stuff on here and I'm glad the site exists, and yes, I could just ask my parents for 2.50 from their credit card but they wouldn't pay that for me monthly and I don't expect them to. I think the idea of this site is awesome, but it comes at a ridiculous cost. Unless you get VIP –

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