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Why and How you should use groups in TS4

(Spoiler alert : you need the pack 'get together' to use this)

Hi people! Did you ever build a super cool public lot and then became frustrated because your sims were not using it like you want them to do? Then hopefully this post will help you. This post will mostly be interesting for those who are not familiar with the group function or just did not use it so much.

First after i've got the expansion 'get famous' I was not so excited about the new group feature and also the new life goal that comes with it. But then I realised the best thing about it:
Groups that are binded to a specific place/lot type will also work for non-played households! That means you can have a lot more controll about all the Sims you usually not play and neglect.


  • more socialising and skill leveling for non-played Sims is possible
  • more control about what kind of Sims will visit certain lots and places
  • more control about behavior of non-played Sims –
    for example force a group of sims to clean your home or appear on certain places
  • If you use that feature creativly it will make your game much more lively and interesting!

Ideas for groups

  • House keeping – force other Sims to clean your lot and care for your garden with no payment
  • Nanny group – let other Sims take care for your little ones while you take a nap
  • Grumpy Grannies – send old people to the park, make them play chess while they are mean to every teenager that passes XD
  • Rivals and Lovers – you can tell a group to make certain activities with members of another group – e.g. fighting them or being nice to them – That has a lot of potential. SO you have the possibility to create antagonising gangs or Single groups where they automatically look for flirt partners in the other group.
  • Study groups – let your Sims build up skills, they will need for their careers or university grade while you are not playing them
  • There are many other possibilities. This tool is also perfect to create chaos 😀
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Please write in the comments what kind of group you would create!

For those who are not familiar with it, I will show you one of my groups.
Usually I like to build homework and playing groups for my Sim children. I just love to see groups of children playing in the parks and making friends by their own.
This one here is called 'Bookworms'. I set the meating point to libary. You also can invite your groups directly to your own household or the place where you are atm.
Requirement to become a group member is to be a child, so grown up teenagers should automatically kicked out 😛

In the 'thumb up' section you set which kind of activities your Sims should do when the group is meating. This kind of activities will unlock bonus points. With the points you can unlock buffs – e.g. a certain group mood to even more push specific behavior (activity, skill leveling, romantic stuf, being mean to others ……..).
Activities from the 'thumb down' section will mostly not happen and will be treatened with the wrath of the other group members. So better stick to the shedul.

So I hope my post was interesting for some of you. Please let me hear your own group ideas! I am really curious how others want to use it.

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children group setup for homework, learning and making friends

Groups will automatically appear on public lots, even if you visit them with Sims from other households

non-played children doing group stuff on a public libary


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