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Why I think EA’s failing to give quality content (other than the obvious)

Content of the article: "Why I think EA’s failing to give quality content (other than the obvious)"

So as somebody who's halfway through my degree, I started delwing into game design and particularly, the user end of game design and how Will Wright exactly made the previous games so memorable and enjoyable.

Listening to him speak about cognitive functions and how people react to success and failure and fears and such stuff, I listened to one of his bafta speaches and the introductory to this video was a lady speaking about zero sum and non zero sum games. So, obviously The Sims was always a non zero sum game, there were no clear winners or losers, even if you purposely killed off your entire family or got fired, had a mental breakdown etc. Back at it's core, not regarding the intricate details and how the Sims actually reacted to their life situations and their memories and all those things that we always mention missing, it's non zero sum game, right? It's endless possibilities, many forum posts, video series, online communities that let their imagination run wild whilst creating these stories and sharing them either in virtual space or with their families, friends in real life.

Something that I've read, coming from EA, that kind of put a ? above my head was this competition part that they keep mentioning? I've never felt that in this community and please do correct me if I'm wrong here. But they mentioned it in a way of like players 'competing' who has a better, more beautiful, detailed house etc etc… But I've never felt that to be competition. It's more of like 'Hey guys, look at what I made!' type of thing. And this is exactly what he mentioned in one of his conference type presentations, the feeling of pride and accomplishment that sparked from the player that linear media didn't offer you (books, movies and so on). The whole idea of a virtual space or rather multiple virtual spaces where players share houses, designs, stories even custom content and mods is sort of like an intertwined world that we created amongst ourselves and explored a different depth of our imagination by these rather simple inputs!

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So therefore, no it is not a competition type thing, it's immersing in a world we love and enjoy and share with each other. That's why, with many, many other reasons, EA is failing to give us the experience we love in TS2 and TS1. It's interpreting the game in a way it's not designed to be interpreted.

Sorry for the long post, it's not anything revolutionary by any means, just a different take upon many why the TS4 lacks in giving us experience.


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