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Why I’m not buying the making bunk beds are “hard” excuses from the Sims team

Content of the article: "Why I’m not buying the making bunk beds are “hard” excuses from the Sims team"

I get that in the beginning of the game the dev team decided to go the lazy route and code the couch animation to the bed instead of making an entirely separate animation where sims can lay horizontally on the bed (you know, like the way normal people do) meaning sims would sit on the side and have their legs dangle from the top, possibly through guard rails, which wouldn’t make sense to do on the top bunk of a bunk bed. Or if you have an adult sim tuck their kids into bed, a ladder would obstruct their way, but, I’m sorry, why is that a problem? I’m no game developer but isn’t there a way to restrict certain animations to certain pieces of furniture?

I know Sims 4 is a completely different game compared to 2 and 3 and the whole

“Sometimes there is foundational technology we need to work through and sometimes we need to dig into designs more deeply to make sure we understand your expectations”

… whatever TF that’s supposed to mean. (What more do they need to understand? We’ve basically been shouting out complaints/expectations from the rooftops since the game launched)

But seriously, what is the “foundation technology” that’s stopping them from making a bunk bed of all things? I know that they have a habit of recycling animations because making a new animation is “hard” but every time I see the Star Wars pack or them talk about future packs all I think about is how that effort that could’ve gone into making a bunk bed instead. A bunch of modders and CC creators make them all the time, some even have a whole climbing up the ladder and into the bed animation to go with it. Most of them are working by themself or with the help of 2-3 others, but you're telling me a team of 100+ people can't figure it out? I’ve only been playing sims 4 for a little while (coming off of playing Sims 3 since I was 14, now 22) and I was shocked about how little content there was in the game when I first played Sims 4 LAST YEAR. It’s been OVER HALF A DECADE, and the excuses have gotten old. How has both Sims 2 and Sims 3 given us more in their 4 year runs than Sims 4 has in 6 years? It’s just coming off as pure laziness at this point mixed with not giving a crap, so I’m not spending another cent on anything in TS4 until I see “foundational” changes.

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P.S. – Sims 3 gave us 8 variations of bunk beds/loft beds across two different EP’s in 2011 and 2013 and we can’t even get one in the Sims 4 in 2020?!


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