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A few Witcher 3 questions

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I'm finally playing the game again, im at the point where i left off the first time…basically just hitting Novigrad. I dunno why i stopped then, but i really just want to ask a few questions before i continue on with the game.

  • Gwent cards – I know you can buy cards, there's quest cards, and beating random people gives random cards…is it possible to fast-track the acquisition of the cards, including DLC ones? I'm like level 10/11 and am worried that this may not be possible. The only useful info i've found is a nice checklist, but it doesnt save. Maybe a google sheet or w/e? I also saw that some are missable, luckily im still early on and got all the cards from white orchard, another reason why i wanna get em fast, and as efficiently as possible, any help appreciated.

  • Runes/sigils – i'm usually pretty broke and it seems like the runes are pretty sweet. It seems like this may be a later-on thing as its so expensive? Is there no way to get the runes back?

  • Build/scaling – The first post i saw when i came to the reddit had something about how sign builds will never be as good as alchemy/attack builds. All my pts are in signs (~lvl10/11) and I'm mostly plopping down a Yrden secondary, maybe a primary and just fast attacking, Igni/Quen-ing and finding im having a much easier time with the game than i did with a pure attack and the occasional Quen. Yrden secondary stuns and does a bit more damage than my unbuffed strong attack. I guess my question is: is the scaling pretty linear in the game? doesnt seem like you can really eff up and afaik you can respec. Also im considering throwing some points into fast attack but am worried that mutagens would be an issue, im seasoned enough that just thinking about not putting points into 'main-stat' has me worried xD. Playing on the difficulty below death march.

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Also poison/bleed/ignite, i know bleed (flat damage?) might scale with points a bit (its also really far down the tree iirc), ignite might scale with sign intensity? is poison flat damage or % total HP?

I'm REALLY enjoying the playstyle i have now where i pop a Yrden2, maybe a yrden 1, and using quen and the occasional Igni. I have this idea where i want to just use an appropriate coating, and posion/ignite(bleed?) enemies while having a frost rune/use frost bombs to keep enemies frozen while taking all the DoT damage and im just constantly target swapping. Any advice on how to make this idea come true, make the idea better, or if i should even waste my time with it would be appreciated.


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